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  1. Hi Bankfodder.... here is a link to a vidoe... The credit system is interesting, as is how Kutchenhaus price thier kitchens..... how it was explained to me was you buy hours in a factory..... each cupboard or worktop is given a set time to manufacture. When the kitchen is designed, a time allocation is given, say 8.5 hours..... but you can only buy full hours, so are charged for 9 hours.... so, you can get more things that fill in the 0.5 hour for 'free' or you can drop items to get back to 8 hours. The appliacnces works in a simialar way. you dont 'buy' them, instead each cupboard or worktop you buy comes with credits. These cradits are used to buy appliances, and be anything you like, ovens, taps, dish washers etc. We had quite a large kitchen done, so had plenty of credits available, so used some on this fridge oponer.... its just a gadget TBH, but put a nice finishing touch!... that is if it ever works!!
  2. Bankfodder.... its a fridge opener!..... it opens the fridge door when you gently press it! Thank you for your help!
  3. Thanks Bankfodder! We got it fitted early september... the value will be around £800 as its not just the kit, the cupboard it sits in was modified to suit. The fiiter was thiers, so they knew from day one it hasnt worked... they have tried to fix it with no luck!... the whole thing needs to be replaced, but frankly i dont want it now, it hasnt been worth the trouble!
  4. Agree i think its rubbish!.... to answer DX100uk, they knew from fday one as it was thier installer who fitted it, and hasnt managed to get it to work. The kitchen was bought from a Kutchenhaus show room. I cant find anything specific to this issue in the T&C's.... i wondered if anybody had come accorss this and knew where i stood.... i wont be letting this go! grrrrrr!!!
  5. Advice please! I have had a new kitchen fitted that includes appliances bought with 'credits'. The more I spent on kitchen units, the more 'credits' I got to spend on said appliances. Since being fitted we have an appliance that has never worked. I have given Kutchenhaus plenty of chance to come and fix it or replace it (4 months) but it still isn't working. Having enough of it, I want to return it, but Kutchenhaus say that because all the appliances are not 'bought' there is no monetary value. Are they right?..... or should i expect a refund on the cost of the item had i bought it separately from the kitchen unit?
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