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  1. Hi, yes I do. Still waiting on outcome of it. I also complained to the PD loan company regarding the DN but they didn't uphold it, saying they did nothing wrong and followed relevant procedures. Wondering what action they can take in the mean time (they being the PD loan company)
  2. So, if I don't tell them about the DN being invalid, and they don't rectify it, what action can they take against me ?
  3. Sorry, I find it all so confusing. What I am trying to clarify is at what point I can treat the agreement as having been breached by the Creditor ? I know that they can only issue another DN if the agreement has not been terminated. To my mind, if they demand the full balance (and have not issued a valid default notice prior to doing so) then the agreement has been broken ? I now know why the DN is invalid (thank you) what I am trying to establish is at what point would they be UNABLE to issue another DN ? If they pass debt to DCA ? Co
  4. So is demanding the full balance (loan still had 9 months to run) considered a breach of the agreement being as they did so without first issuing a valid default notice ? Credit File clearly states Account defaulted 2/11/19 so i'm guessing they shouldn't have placed that on file either ?
  5. Thank you for clarifying. Does demanding the full balance effectively terminate the agreement ? They placed the default on Credit File dated 2nd Nov, but with a different figure to that quoted on the DN. Wary of tipping them off to the Invalid Default notice if they are still entitled to just issue another. My thoughts were that as they have actually registered the Default Notice on file, they can't now issue a proper valid one ?..... but struggling to understand at what point an agreement is deemed to have been terminated thereby preventing the is
  6. Both pages as requested. Thoughts on how to deal with defective default would be appreciated Default_Notice_Oct.pdf
  7. Thank you Andy. Will upload DN minus personal info in due course. Appreciate your help.
  8. Thanks. But the 14 clear days had not elapsed as they didn't allow for them. DN was sent out dated 18th October, emailed dated 2nd November stated default had already been applied, so they have applied it too early on the back of a defective DN . I am not disputing their right to send out a DN, but it should allow 14 clear days and, if I understand correctly (which is why I am asking because I am not sure I do) they are supposed to give the debtor a chance to remedy the situation by bringing the account into good standing (FCA ? ) ....they did not allow me to do t
  9. Hi, One Notification of Sums in Arrears received 17th September.(first payment was due August) Several arrears emails, but only the one Notification of Sums in Arrears. Is there any significance to this ? Had told them I would await the outcome of my complaint to them before making any offers to pay. The same day they emailed their final response they issued the DN letter. Am just confused as to what constitutes an unfair relationship and also what is construed as the termination of the agreement.
  10. Many thanks for your response. I hadn't as was lead to believe their own Terms and Conditions were over ruled by the FCA rules, is that not the case ? Will dig out the terms and conditions and have a read through, but do believe I have read on here somewhere that FCA takes precedence over a Company's terms & conditions.
  11. Hi, Not sure if this is the correct section but need some advice regarding what makes Default Notice defective and what constitutes the termination of a loan agreement ? Default Notice received from Payday Loan Company on Tuesday 22nd October 2019, stating I had 14 days from the date of the letter (18th October 2019) to remedy by way of paying the FULL BALANCE. Account was just that day, 3 months in arrears with another 9 months of the agreement still left to run. I requested a "correct" settlement figure from them being as they had quoted the full amount includi
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