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  1. Joined gym in March 2017, due to job was then moved to Portsmouth on November 2017 ( I can Message you reason for moving, just don't want to advertise, due to job). From November 2017 to October 2019, I have not used the gym. October 2019, cancelled DD.
  2. Unfortunately it was in December 18. So it was during the contracted mandated year.
  3. That what my initial gut reaction was to say you had £200 off me. But I don't want to get involved in litigation or go to court
  4. On the 7th March 2017, whilst on secondment I joined Xercise4less Newcastle upon Lyme. After signing up, I was relocated to Portsmouth, and had planned to cancel the direct debit (DD’s), however forgot . On moving banks in October 19, I reviewed my DD’s and found I had one for Xercise4less, for £9.00. I attempted to call the gym to cancel but was constantly put on hold & instructed my bank to cancel the direct debit. On the 29th November 2019, I received and email from Harlands Group stating I was in breach of my terms and conditions (as I has not given 30 days-notice) and that I owed £69.00. This amount was for 2 X missed direct debit payments of £9.99 and two administration fees of £25 and the debt was to be paid before the 12th December or my case would be handed over to a debt collection agency. I phoned Harlands direct and spoke to a female who refused to identify herself. When asking why I had been charged two administration fees, I was rudely informed that they had tried corresponding with me by phone, and email on 6th October and if I had not received the email, I should check my spam mail and there was no email from them. I did an email search in both folders and I had an email dated 8th March 2017, and 29th November 2019. I stated that I was willing to pay the £45, but not the £69 as charged. As I had not received any correspondence form them on the dated sated (6th October 19). The female then became aggressive and quite abhorrent stating that they don't have to send correspondence out, they can charge you £25 for administrative fee anyway. Asked to speak to supervisor and that was refused. she told me it was £69 or nothing, and abruptly put the phone down on me. What is my next course of action? Should I write a letter, explaining that as per terms and conditions I no longer live within 15 miles of the Gym? Ask them under the Data Protection act, I am making a subject access request for all relevant information (Which they can-not charge me for) including correspondence between myself and Harlands Group? Or pay and walk away.
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