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  1. Knowing the state of the vehicle they knew it had to be kept somewhere safe for the duration of the claim & a driveway which they claim they thought it was staying at was full as a hire vehicle had to be parked on it. I am not obligated to hand over my vehicle to these guy whom I have no idea what they’ll do with it. I found it quite reasonable for a £35 a day storage fee so it’s not like I acted irresponsibly & am asking for anything overpriced, it most likely would’ve been the same for themselves. I had also let them know that I needed to know the specific date & time their engineer was coming down to see the vehicle as it ‘needed to come out of storage for the inspection’ but all of a sudden they’re not able to find that phone call. I was quick to be offered to take my vehicle to one of their ‘approved repair garages’ however nothing about storage or anything else before & after I told them I’d have it repaired privately.
  2. Hiya, thanks for the advice! I have been speaking to them over the phone & they were being very difficult with payment of damages & made the process longer than necessary. The storage fees were at the rate of £35 a day for around 45 days or so totalling around £1800 including recovery. The vehicle was brought out of storage back to the home address when the appointment for inspection was due. After the inspection it was put back into storage & I then waited for the payment to be made. The day I received payment it was taken out immediately as I did not want to incur costs myself. Thank you once again for your help
  3. Hi, I have recently made a third-party claim from AVIVA CAR INSURANCE for my mother’s vehicle which was hit severely damaging the quarter panel, completely broken tail light & also the back bumper with a few other minor damages around the area. I have claimed back the costs of damage which was extremely challenging & now they are refusing to pay out storage fees which my mother has already paid for. Their reasoning for this is because “We were not notified the vehicle was in storage” & they expected it to be kept on the driveway where there is no space & parts broken on the vehicle falling off. Regardless they didn’t seem too bothered & say “we have listened to the initial phone call & storage was not mentioned” & baring in mind I also was not offered any storage. They say if they knew they would’ve made arrangements & taken my car away which my mother said from the start I will do it all myself I do not want them to touch my car. I will take this further with a solicitor & told them to expect a letter. Any other suggestion? Thanks for the help!
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