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  1. Great, I’ll wait til I get the final balance letter and sort it out with them from there cheers
  2. I sent the VT letter 9th jan by which time I’d missed two payments.... 1st Dec and 3rd Jan I didn’t send the VT letter til then because there was a hold up on getting the company car and I couldn’t be without a car I guess I owe them two months which is fair enough
  3. got my letter back from Moneybarn to say no refurbishment required and would be put up for auction. letter states that the remainder of the finance is still due with half rule obligation amount of two months arrears (I never paid Dec and Jan As knew I’d be VTing and company car took longer than expected to get arranged) even without the arrears I had still paid more than half as it was a 5 year deal that started in Feb 2017 so nearly 3 years ago now should I still have to pay the arrears even though I’ve already pay more than half? Sorry if I’m appearin
  4. I actually have earlier on but couldn’t see any relevant recent ones or ones that answered my particular worry. I appreciate your responses and will leave now, thanks
  5. Thanks, like I said it’s all new to me and just I just need to be clear on where I stand if I start getting letters from them
  6. Cheers if they tell me I owe them more than the arrears then they’re in the wrong? Ie if it goes to auction and they don’t get a lot, can they try to claw back the difference from me?
  7. I know, but the letter they’ve sent me states that I owe the equivalent of the two months that I’ve not paid. It’s not the final balance so I’ll wait til I get that and see what they say
  8. Because I never paid December and January’s payments as I knew I was doing VT but there were no missed payments up until December
  9. So the most I’d have to pay is the arrears? Sorry all this is new to me thanks
  10. did the VT letter and BCA guy came out for the car last week. I’ve since had a letter from Moneybarn stating a current amount of two months payments outstanding (in way over the 50% mark) I thought that according to the CCA though that I wasn’t liable the arrears as long as I’d paid more than 50% what happens if they put it to auction and it doesn't make what they expect? Will I be billed for the shortfall?
  11. Not so much damage as stuff needing done to pass the next MOT for example, like brake pads etc I don’t want to peeve them off as I might need them in future lol plus I don’t know when I can get my company car so can’t be without a car
  12. Thanks if they decide that I owe them money I just ignore them? Or is the worst that could happen is that I work out a payment plan with them? im due a payment on 1st December so I’ll pay that as normal anyway ive looked into selling and paying off the finance that way but I’m still going to be in negative equity
  13. Hi all I’m being offered a company car but at present I’m over halfway through my finance with MB My worry is that when they inspect it, they’ll note things that were either there when I bought it (couple of dimple dents on roof) etc or that there are mechanical issues that need sorting (MOT due in January) how do I protect myself from being billed for that? I have service history from Citroen (it’s a 2012) plate. Say they take it and turns out auction doesn’t cover the balance of the finance, will I be liable for that? Ive never missed a paymen
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