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  1. Thank you so much, feel a bit of an idiot now. I'm really not that good at this. I'll see if I can find anything. As I've moved from place to place I've left stuff behind so bits missing. I've had another email from southern, who have yet again not told me or shown me who they registered a default with or when. I had a great credit record building up after getting clean and all that hard work was for nothing as the CCJ is on my credit file. TIA
  2. hi, thanks for all your advice thus far . it's taken me a few days to figure out the attachment but i think it's done now. thanks again. ccjadvice2 (1).pdf
  3. Hi, this is where it gets a bit sticky. I was named account holder, and I did live there but left a number of years ago,but hazy as I've had a few detox's and rehab stints along the way. I'll try again tomorrow with the documents, it's hurting my head now lol Thanks again.
  4. See I knew i would mess up! I had to have an "intervention" due to my substance misuse, so had been living there with 3 other people which changed around quite frequently. I didn't receive or open any literature from them. when I got clean I relocated and got myself on track. which is how they located my address I assume because I registered myself. when I opened the brown envelope thinking it was from support services I had a bit of a setback when it turned out to b a claim form. don't need to read a sob story so I'll upload l
  5. hi, think i've done it now. even with the helpful links it has taken me most of the day! Binder1.pdf
  6. Hi new to this site and forum so please bear with me. ive had a CCJ issued by default for a water utility bill. I responded to the claim form but didn't enter my defence at the same time. I'm currently in recovery for substance misuse and the shock triggered a relapse and I panicked. I cannot get legal aid am trying to challenge this by myself. All I do know is that this account has been defaulted and has "dropped off" the system. I've denied liability due to circumstances at the time and last payment or acknowledgement was
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