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  1. The default or payments in arrears don't seem to show on my Credit Karma account weirdly, nor any mention of United Utilities. In fact, my score has improved on there over the last 6 months. I looked and it said United Utilities share their information with Equifax and it says ClearScore get their data from Equifax, but it also says Credit Karma get their data from Equifax and TransUnion so not sure why it's not showing on there. Could I get this information from UU possibly and then contest it if the amount is wrong as you suggested above?
  2. Where would I see the more specific information about the default you are referring? I am just getting this information from ClearScore and the only info it gives me is: June Updates A Public Utility Account account was marked as ‘in default’ on your June report. Organisation Name: United Utilities Water Status: Default Account Number: ******* No dates or amounts or anything specific.
  3. Ok thanks. What sort of argument would you go to them with in terms of removing the default? I mean they are already dropping the claim so not sure what I would say to them. 'Thanks for dropping the claim but that's not good enough. Please remove the default as well because you were charging me incorrectly even though we have no record of us giving you notice of us moving out'?
  4. Thanks for all your help. I have submitted the acknowledgement and UU have said they will not enter a CCJ. I obviously will still have the payments in arrears and the default on my credit file. I was wondering if you knew how bad this looks on my credit file vs say an actual CCJ? Is a CCJ much worse, or not that much worse than the default? Just wondering how badly it will affect me going forward. Thanks
  5. Called UU this morning and paid the adjusted outstanding figure + fees and they confirmed they will drop the claim against both of us. The advisor said a CCJ could not now be received, but even if it was for some miraculous reason, then the fact I have already paid it means if I contacted them they would have to remove it. I double checked this with him again and he then even said the fact he has confirmed it will be removed over the phone on a recorded call meant that if I did get one and disputed it, they would look back at the call recording and would have to remove
  6. Ok thanks very much for your help. Will contact UU first thing in the morning and get on with AOS & CPR. Is there any legal proof I need from them if/when they agree to drop the claim after I make payment? Or do I just take their word on it over the phone? Will they be able to discontinue the claim immediately? Or what is the usual timeframe for companies like this discounting claims? Hours? Days? Presumably once dropped, I can then just forgot about any AOS and CPR requests we have made?
  7. Do I need to ask them for a tomlin order if I am going to pay off the outstanding figure + their costs in full immediately? From what I can see a tomlin order would set up a payment plan allowing them to ask for immediate judgement if I miss a payment, but I don't need a payment plan. Could I just ask to pay it off in full and ask that they drop the claim immediately? Is there a different kind of legal form I need for this if I pay in full? Or is it still just a tomlin order? Or do I not require any form and I just take their word they will drop it
  8. Their solicitor isn't listed in any of the documents they have sent me, but they have only sent me one scanned page via email that has any information on it. They said the full documents would have to be posted. I have attached what I have to this post. are you saying I should still proceed with an AOS through MCOL? And then submit a defence? If this is the case - what would my defence be though? That I believed I had notified them of us moving out although they (and I) have no record of it? Would this just hopefully result in the claim being 'stayed' and
  9. Thanks very much for your help @dx100uk - but do you mind explaining a little as to what I am doing here? By doing the MCOL part, am I simply acknowledging I am aware of the claim against me which then give me a further 14 days to submit a defence? Is the CPR request then just to get more information from UU? What is the purpose of this? What happens after this? You say I do not await the return of paperwork so what exactly is going on? How do I ultimately resolve the claim? If you see my original post where I said it seemed there were 2 options presented to me
  10. Name of the Claimant: United Utilities Date of issue: 12/11/2019 Particulars of claim: 1.£501.62 IS DUE FROM THE DEFENDANT TO THE CLAIMANT FOR WATER SERVICE CHARGES AND ANY OTHER CHARGES INCURRED RELATING TO SUCH, AT- APARTMENT *** FOR PERIOD TO 30/05/2019 , 2.FULL PARTICULARS OF WHICH HAVE BEEN SUPPLIED TO THE DEFENDANT. What is the total value of the claim? I believe £501.62 from what Northampton court told me on the phone, but that is not adjusted for our move out date as the account is still open now. Adjusted to our move o
  11. Hi, Earlier after signing in to check my credit report, I noticed it had been dropping and discovered that there appeared to be United Utilities (UU) payments in arrears. I contacted them and have discovered that this is because they have no record of me or my flatmate moving out of our flat in November 2018. They say they have been sending the bills to that address (no contact through any other medium - not sure if they have other contact details as it was a year ago) but since it was not paid they have filed a claim with Northampton court. I really do seem
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