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  1. Oh ok sorry, I thought they would be able to initiate legal action because they had the power of attorney document... although that was stating authorisation for them to act on behalf of a debt collection company in Germany and for the company in Germany to act on behalf of Hertz...
  2. I did not block and bounce because you mentioned to give a postal address in the UK and I don't have an official address there. To do anything they would have to take it to court? and if they do would they not have to inform me in writing? and how would they do this if they don't have an address for me? They say they would make a visit at the address in the email and there is no address. thank you
  3. Hi There I have now received an email from CLI stating 'In absence of any reply from you to our previous reminders we have are now turning this matter to our doorstep collections department. Our doorstep collectors will visit you at the above address within 14 days at their convenience as a final attempt to promote an amicable settlement of this debt. Our doorstep collectors carry out visits at any time of the day but during business hours when attending business premises, the day and into the evening but no later than 9pm when meeting consumers,
  4. Just one more thing @dx100uk Is there any legal reason to block or bounce emails or it is just to deter them and from you answering? What would happen if court action was started with an outdated address, and what if they didn't have a current address for postal correspondence for me? Does that cause me more problems in the long run. Thanks!
  5. All correspondence has been via email yes, but the address they have for me no longer even exists... so perhaps I should inform them of my new address? I’m not sure if they have bought the debt but they are claiming power of attorney for sj inkasso gmbh, and that company is claiming the same for hertz... so not sure what to do really. If they sent a court order to my previous address I guess they could proceed with action in my absence...
  6. Thanks for the info. car was hired in Spain, damage occurred in France and I’m resident in the UK
  7. It’s actually 2 ‘power of attorney’ documents - 1 from hertz stating that ‘sj inkasso gmbh’ is authorised to collect claims in their name (hertz). Then another headed with ’skandicinkasso’ stamped ‘sj inkasso gmbh’ authorising CLI to collect the claims submitted for processing in their name. I have not received anything via post as we were communicating through email and they have an outdated postal address for me. thanks for any help!
  8. Yes agreed but the cost is for the full damage - more than £500. If it was an excess it would be much less. Also my question was whether it's advisable to pay CLI? They have offered me a discount but I have seen so many threads on here saying not to pay them.
  9. Hi there I have been contacted by Credit limits international regarding some hire car damage that occurred during a rental over a year ago, I had not purchased the insurance and damaged the car so they sent me a bill for the damage. Now the company CLI is pursuing me to pay this. They asked to set up a payment plan giving me an offer to pay 50% of the original requested amount and said to send them proof the direct debit has been set up. I asked them for proof that they were allowed to collect the debt for the rental company and they sent me a power of attorne
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