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  1. I haven't had a chance to send anything off for her to get a breakdown of anything yet. The new creditor doesn't matter now though, according to eon anyway. The thing we don't understand is that eon said they took this debt back long before then, but now they are saying November 2019. I have no idea what they have been doing since July 2018 when Azzurro bought it. That and the fact that Azzurro told her they had contacted eon (took them about a month) and they confirmed with them that they had bought it and everything was dandy. It's one big mess. Could you gues
  2. It's taken me a while to get back to this thread, as I have been away working for a few weeks, I haven't managed to do anything for her bar take your advice and tell her to carry on paying the bailiff. We just today decided to contact eon to get some clafification. eon said they took the debt back from Azzurro because it was illegally sold .id I assume this was because CES still had an active writ? I'm not sure. Does anyone have any ideas? eon also said that they had contacted Azzurro in November to tell them to confirm they had took it back. I
  3. Thank you for that, it has really helped anyway regardless of where the others are. I think these charges she has gotten are due to her mismanagement in terms of not working out a plan and thus they have turned up and added charges. As I said, she has gotten a lot better recently with my help. I think they are justified but I can certainly still request information on such charges. Rossendales are totally out of the picture but she didn't know she was paying CES until last week. I obviously didn't know this either. I assume she got a letter and was
  4. Thanks, I will get that done for her tomorrow. I thought something was up with Azzurro with how nice they were being to her. Actually asking her if she could afford repayments. Heh. So are you saying she should continue to pay CES and the writ will still stands of as now even though the debt has been sold? Should we not try to contact eon? Could eon call off CES entirely as they set them on her in the first place?
  5. I think it was over £2000 originally. She probably has the documentation somewhere, but she definitely incurred charges when it was over at Rossendales due to missed payments and visitations. I think she just got a letter from CES one day and all of a sudden they were collecting it. I guess it transferred from Rossendales as were not doing a good enough job for eon, we really do not know. Being that CES are sending it to eon and then to Azzurro, I would certainly think it is not just fees. This is why I am trying to help her out, she has made a few mistak
  6. Thank you for your reply. She is going to pay Azzurro as they have been sending her letters asking for money. She ignored them for a while, because even she was confused. CES seem to be collecting on the same debt, the money is even eventually ending up with Azzurro. The debt with Azzurro is half the price because of the charges CES have added, so what will happen if she carries on paying CES? Will Azzurro be returning the money to her eventually? What does she do here? She has to speak to the CES enforcer tomorrow. I'm still confu
  7. Hello everyone, I was told to come here from Reddit. This site is fantastic. I have a family member who ran up an energy bill with eon, and it had seemingly escalated to a High Court Order with an external collection agency. They set Court Enforcement Services onto her for some reason in the past year (before she was paying Rossendales), but she could hardly pay the amount requested each month. I made a complaint on her behalf to eon, and they just sold the debt to another company (Azzurro) without saying a word. Now the problem is that eon seemingly didn't
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