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  1. I did read it and that's why I'm asking. It has been a month now and they haven't responded What should I do now? Thanks
  2. How long should I wait for them to respond to the letter please? Thanks
  3. I still haven't heard back from them
  4. It does I wrote it on the top right as instructed in the template
  5. I have finally managed to send the SAR to Vodafone house, the connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG142FN I couldn't do it any earlier because of work and illness and not having a printer I hope they don't don't send it to my old address although I'm sure they have my new address as they have sent me collection letters to it
  6. I'm a postman been working 10 hours a day 6 days a week
  7. Can't seem to find the address I I need to put on the SAR and send it to, can someone help?
  8. Ok thank you. I will start by getting SAR
  9. They have absolutely destroyed my credit file and they are damaging my health because of how worried I am What kind of compensation should I ask for?
  10. Do you think that I can argue that they shouldn't ask me to pay anything because I wasn't getting correct bills and because of there inability to fix the issue through all of those months I ended up with this problem?
  11. How do I do that? And do you think I have the right to be complaining?
  12. I have been living in an ongoing nightmare for over a year now after Vodafone didn't credit a payment i made of £1060 to my account Just before Christmas 2017 I had a call from Vodafone, the sales guy kept tempting me until I agreed on getting a contract I couldn't afford and didn't need. Few months after I couldn't keep up with the payments I called them and explained and they said all they could do is put the account on hold for a month. Few months later I managed to get help from family to pay my outstanding balance and bring the account up to date.
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