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  1. To be honest it is very hard to find the same specs that my car did for around £15k as it had a few specs that are slightly harder to find eg white car with red leather and X drive which is also auto, it was also bought from a reputable dealer which are hard to come by and so I know the car pre accident was in very good shape.
  2. Thanks for your response, the accident was non fault and as the car that hit me was insured I had to pay my excess of £600 which was deducted from the settlement of the car.
  3. Sorry guys I’m back, still in discussion with the insurance regarding retention value. I have been told I have to pay £6k to get the car back. From what I have read online the retention value is 10% for a Cat B (which is what they said my car was) and so should be closer to 1.6k and for a cat S it is 15-25% so approx 3.2k. However they have quoted me closer to 40%! What are my options I feel like I am being mugged off from all aspects of this claim. The car value is 15,850.
  4. Thank you again for your response. You are right in saying I could buy a similar vehicle for the money I was paid out but for the exact same specs it would be slightly more, (white car with red leathers and xdrive). There were also some very minor improvements I had made to the car but none totalling more than £300. I think the reason why I would like the car back is I believe I may be able to fix the car for significantly cheaper, I am still in the process of getting quotes from pictures I have. Is there anyway Hastings could allow me to view the vehicle before I purchase of them?
  5. When I spoke to the insurance today they told me that they weren’t sure why the engineer looked at the car again and changed the category, they said they have tried to contact him but unable to, fishy!? My idea is that they decided to change the category as they knew they won’t be able to make any money from it being a cat B car and if they change to cat S they could make some money back. and nope nothing rare about my 4 series
  6. Thanks Basically I was involved in a non fault accident where a drunk driver hit my car and ran away. My car is is bmw 4 series, mileage at 57k 2015 plate, which I purchased for £16k having only had it for 4 months the accident happened and the car was taken away by the insurance. They had taken it to a garage who the said it was a cat B and the damage repair exceeded £20k! I asked to keep the car and they told me I can’t as it was a cat B and it would be salvaged for parts. They then valued my car at 12k! I instantly rejected to them be given a new valuation at £16k, however they had taken a
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses, I’ve spoken to the insurance and they’ve told be after they made my settlement they had another engineer look at it and they categorised as cat S and hence the sale of copart. They now are saying they can sell it to me for £5.3k which is a crazy price, as the vehicle is worth 15k and the first engineers report said the cost of repair would exceed 20k. They have admitted that they should have informed me when they changed the category of the car and for that they will compensate me £100! I obviously did not agree and they have escalated to a formal compl
  8. Long story short, my car was written off following a non fault accident. My insurance company (Hasting) sent it to a garage who them valued the damage and then I was told the car was deemed CAT B and so I couldn’t buy it back and it would be salvaged via Copart, however 2 months later (today) I’ve had a look on copart for my car and there it is selling under CAT S!!!! I have email proof from my insurance company stating it was a Cat B. What do I do, I really want the car back but feel like I’ve been mugged off from my insurance, the bid ends in 2 days! please advice!
  9. Hi all following a request for a re-evaluation below is the outcome email: As I have not been able to make contact with you today regarding the valuation of your vehicle I have detailed my report for you to review and reply back to your claims handler. As you may be aware we use the motor trade guides and follow the Financial Ombudsman Service stance on achieving values for vehicle so it may also be worth looking at the FOS website as it explains the process in full and we follow that as best practise. To decide whether an insurer's valuation is reasonable,
  10. Thanks guys, however from what I’ve read on reviews about the FOS, it doesn’t seem promising, apparently they go along with what the insurance say on most cases as they are not an actual government body, but we shall see. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with the FOS?
  11. Thank you so much for your advice, I had started collating evidence to support my claim, I have paid for a valuation from Parker’s which is a lot closer my valuation and have also found many auto trader advertisements for similar cars at a similar prices to my valuation. Just waiting on their response but not sure on how many times I can decline their offer? Can they force me to accept? As I am in no rush for the payment.
  12. only 5 months ago I purchased my BMW 4 series Gran coupe from a dealers last week a drunk driver decided to plough into my my parked car at 2am! I believe the drunk driver was uninsured (shock)! The damage was bad I assumed it would be a write off and probable a Cat S, however for some reason Hastings has decided to write off my car and categorise it under Cat B and told me I could not buy my car back! I was utterly annoyed as the car I had bought was my dream car with really hard specs to find. Nevertheless I waited to hear back f
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