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  1. Slowly but surely just hang in there and I will get there eventually Shows we can all read things incorrectly Please see both final demand letters attached, nothing since this. each debt letter from moriarty.pdf
  2. Thanks DX your explanation is great and helps me understand this situation a bit better. because they got no response on my final demands they submitted a county court claim hoping again i would not respond so they could get a backdoor CCJ? Now I have responded they will need to provide all docs requested which they may or may not have, if they cannot provide I guess it will go quiet until they try again! is it likely they have done the smallest one because it’s small claims? the others would cost more to persue?
  3. Cheers SquadyP, will do and it will be hard for them to get something from nothing
  4. Having only been into this for a few days I cant say I am filled with huge amounts of confidence in what I have searched or read because most threads just stop with no result or outcome. I assume its just because everything stops and goes away. Having read of people going to court and the outcomes is what knocks me back but as you mentioned this is due to their mistakes or its scare mongering. This is Of no detriment to you and your help what so ever just things i have read so far but will keep plugging away and try to understand better
  5. If this does go all the way would I ask them to bankrupt me, not in this claim but the other 2 mentioned. I have no assets and no spare income for them to take a payment plan. Obviously fighting all the way but I’m thinking worst case scenario?
  6. Nope only responses going in post are CPR and 2 copies of the letter sent above which in future will PDF:) is that reply ok though or should I change to yours?
  7. I am reading as many as possible but cant find anything that has received County court claim
  8. Response letter for both with appropriate ref No. All ok??
  9. Ahh yes ok, I will set up myself some reminders in that case, will all of there response come via Post or mcol?
  10. Thanks DX, much appreciated, can you give any pointers on defence letter, I will compile and submit ASAP as would rather get it out the way?
  11. Submitted all on MCOL, please see attached redacted CPR which I will send registered post tomorrow. does it look ok? CPR request (3).pdf
  12. Your a gent! yes I fully appreciate that you guys must be constantly busy and all the effort is appreciated, I feel well out of my depth with this tbh so your help is a huge relief I just want to be sure I don’t make any mistakes by my ignorance and misunderstandings. I am constantly on the road and will post my CPR on Thursday registered post, the AOS I will login again tomorrow night and submit as you suggest. I have read as many threads as possible but not sure about my defence letter as I do not even know what this is they claim because the agreement date is well after I departed? Guess who I will be asking for help??
  13. Thanks for your help Dx as mentioned complete novice to this and really just need all the help you can offer. will respond as you suggest cheers
  14. Yes thanks, please treat me as a complete novice to this as I really am. On another note can you point me to what the donations go towards as I really appreciate all this help its fantastic. So!! When I can login and send my response on MCOL (this is my AOS?) The CPR is the letter I am sending asking for agreement and original docs etc?
  15. Sorry DX my apologies DOH, wont be done again. I managed to log on to MCOL earlier but now says my login is incorrect so will try tomorrow. Please tell me what AOS is I have finished the CPR?
  16. hi Andyorch, Do you think I need to respond to these as dx100 says I should have with the claim he is helping with??
  17. thanks does the last post supersede all docs previous that i submitted, i have registered in mcol. So as above I only mention the agreement is what i want copies of, not any other communications?
  18. Do you agree the agreement date is a little strange? Can they just say they got the wrong date?
  19. Ok great thanks so I’m clear will this follow UAE law or UK law? do you advise I get a lawyer at this stage? cheers
  20. Thanks very much, do you mind if I share the redacted composed doc for you to check before sending? Something that might be insignificant but its bugging me is the date they mention the agreement was made 19/12/2014, I returned to the UK 20/01/2014, so I must have made this agreement a long time before that, why would they have this date?? Could it be that its close to 6 years this January? 4: Original signed finance agreement together with the terms and conditions IN ENGLISH 5: Any notice of change in account terms and conditions that were ever issued since credit approval 6: Any notice of default or UAE equivalent that was issued by the original creditor 7: All and every statement of the account including how any interest has been calculated. 8: Proof that UAE Court Judgement has already been gained upon said debt. 9: Proof the UK Pre Action Protocol allows a UK Solicitor to issue a Letter Of Claim and /or issue court proceedings concerning a UAE debt. The UAE is not a 'member state' . 10: Any and All other statutes of law, be them UK or otherwise, that the claimant intends to rely upon
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