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  1. Emailed to [email protected] yes claim no in subject Sorry for short message above I was rushing around. Yes I noted the Claim number in subject line Emailed to : [email protected] I submitted 1st defence and realised a mistake so corrected and emailed redacted defence, then received an email as below: Your reply is being returned to you as we have already received a response to this claim. If you wish to alter or provide a new defence you can apply to amend or substitute a defence using the N244 ‘Application Notice’. Please read this letter thoroughly before sending the application to the court as incorrectly completed applications will be returned to you. I have responded to the email asking if my 1st defence email was accepted. No reply yet. I believe it was and will keep checking MCOL to see if it updates. N180 deadline is 30 December but the lady on the phone asked me to scan and send to the same email address and post hard copy?? Just read the N180 link above and I should say yes to mediation???
  2. No I entered “defence to follow” in the defence box which they took as my defence statement today I emailed the correct defence as discussed
  3. In the N180 form there is a application for mediation, I dont need this I assume ??
  4. I removed point 8 of the above and edited as applicable Thanks again
  5. Is it just as simple as attaching the CPR to the email and mention all documents requested have not been received therefore I do not belive this claim to be true? How does that look?? Defence.pdf
  6. Hi DX, Just got through to Northants Bulk and they have said I can said via email before 4pm today, so far I have not received any of the documents requested from Moriarty, so I plan on this being the bulk of my defence along with the out of jurisdiction Do you have anything further i should add?
  7. Unfortunately I tried 3 times today and was 54 in cue at best and just didn't have the time to wait, more time tomorrow so will try again and revert.
  8. Is there still chance to submit my defence as it is the 20th final date for submission?
  9. As per 'post 20' you mention you do not file a defence so I entered defence to follow, should I have left blank??
  10. Obviously I requested all the documentation as well which is what I still haven't received !
  11. Sorry no I talk rubbish, I sent the AOS and then completed the form on MCOL which was my defence!!!(didnt realise) My defence is 'Defence to Follow' What now DX??!!
  12. I completed the AOS on MCOL as we mentioned, in the defence box i entered defence to follow?
  13. I haven’t filed the defence yet, its not due until 20th, I haven’t received any of the documents requested yet so my defence is currently no evidence provided that this is my debt and how it has been calculated etc A claim was issued against you on 19/11/2019 Your defence was submitted on 27/11/2019 at 10:54:05 Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 27/11/2019 at 10:56:35 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 27/11/2019 at 12:05:16 Your defence was received on 27/11/2019 at 12:05:16 DQ sent to you on 10/12/2019 I'm confused as I have only returned the court claim response. We seem to be back on the wrong thread DX!! Ah no this is the correct thread. Looking at my defence notes it says defence to follow???
  14. Hi DX Yep you’ve got it, its all straight forward just wanted opinion on details I give out and signing, will this form only go back to the court and NOT Moriarty?
  15. Hi Honeybee, Sorry I forgot to attach it!!! DOH its just the ack of my defence from CCBC giving them 28 days cc.pdf
  16. Hi All, I have just received the attached document, its a standard doc that asks for full contact details which I am reluctant to give phone and email!!! also asks if I agree this is suitable for small claims court, which court i would prefer the hearing at, would i like mediation, and to sign and return. Its all tick boxes and straight forward but do you agree I dont give phone numbers and email just address? also do I sign this? Thanks
  17. Hi Uryu i sent a PAP reply form to my 2 final demands, if you search my threads DX kindly sent me the links a few times, if you can’t find them let me know Cheers
  18. So the form is just a print off and fill in as the top of the form says they have 30 days to fill in and reply or are we providing them the form they should have sent me?? What is me recommended response for dispute? God you must be loving me!!!
  19. Sorry is the attached not good enough for letters not subject to court claim?? Response Letter.pdf
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