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  1. Just made another small donation guys, I will make another end of the month for all your help its no where near enough but I will do what I can to help. Thanks again and keep up the great support
  2. Can’t thank you And DX enough, amazing result Is it likely they could come back for round 2 or do I just wait and see??? feels like a massive weight has gone
  3. Hi Guys, Just got home to find our friends have sent me a notice of Discontinuance instructed by The Claimant. YEY
  4. Guys I really don’t mean this to be rude at all, but I have no input in this, could I be removed from this as it’s filling up my inbox gigglemal. I do feel for you and I don’t want to speak to soon but listen to the advise you’re given and follow it to the letter, I think your being pushed to the limit which is making you panic and becoming reactive which I have also done, I really think they rely on mistakes being made rather than who’s wrong and right as is logical to us. its a game and you need to be the winner good luck
  5. OK thanks for the info, have a great weekend, and thanks once again for continued support.
  6. Thanks Andyorch, fingers crossed they don't have anything more to offer!! If struck out is that it all finished and no come backs?
  7. Hi, Just received the attached today, I guess this is normal? Are the particulars the claimants statement or the documents I requested? I assume I do nothing at this stage? If what has been sent to me is all they have, I cant imagine its going to go far. General Form.pdf
  8. Just received the Notice of Transfer of Proceedings(N271), wait to hear from local courts now with Judges directions.
  9. Just ensure no emails or contact details go on copies to moriarty only to courts when ready!!
  10. All gone quite how long does it normally take for court date??
  11. No hearing date yet. The N180 sent to Moriarty did not have Phone/Sig or email as I questioned this and you explained correctly that a copy with details goes to court and copy without personal goes to Moriarty. Last thing I want is that info going to Moriarty to hound me forever in a day!! Cheers DX
  12. So does there witness statement and mine have to be presented 14 days before court? If so how long do I wait, I assume I wait till the last possible day, if so and assuming they do the same what would my witness statement consist of?? is it based on the claim they have presented?
  13. Sorry DX I meant on the CAG forum, wouldn't consider going anywhere else!! Im clicking the Squares logo and typing in witness statement but I just get our threads no others??
  14. Whats a WS, Witness Statement?? Can you point me to any on the forum that I could adapt and start preparing, I find it difficult to navigate and find things for some reason.
  15. Thanks for that DX not sure what’s happened with those 2 files, nothing interesting anyway! so if they don’t turn up in court does the judge strike it out?? if so does that mean this case is settled and no comebacks ?
  16. Yes just the application form, there is a form in Arabic but it has no details on it, no signed agreement, and final statement from January 2014. Would I be safe to assume that this is all they have? its t same documents the mediator said? surely they would turn up in court with this information! Or is this why they don’t turn up ?? See attached as to what docs they have sent, obviously there is more to the documents but its all personal details that I would need to redact so just copied the only parts that are in english. Also my passport copy, residency, company letter and final statement. ADCB Moriarty Mediation.pdf ADCB Application.pdf Declaration CC.pdf Also just to add, the closing balance is at 0.00, last military recording was 2014 at 450aed which by today’s exchange rate is £93?
  17. Now I have received photocopies of the documents they have and a letter mentioning this is for an overdraft and the other 2 are credit cards, the documents are my passport, residency, adcb account application, company letter for opening account, 2 page statement of accounts.
  18. she called back and said the following: whilst they recognise they haven’t provided all the documents I have requested, they do have my a signed agreement with adcb which mentions the laws can be enforced in other countries, passport copy, residency permit and letter from old employer to show this is my debt, I said without the information I have requested I am not in a position to proceed with mediation, I then provided her with the list of documentation I have requested and the date it was requested!!!
  19. Just had the mediation call and said I havent been provided with enough information to make an informed decision. She is now going to speak with the solicitor to find out what information they can provide and when they will provide it and call me back in 10 minutes!!!
  20. Ok, I will wait for the call and then tell Unfortunately I do not have enough information to make an informed decision!
  21. I don’t have enough information to make an informed decision no! But still time for them to send I suppose
  22. Hi DX, I have now received confirmation email that the mediation call will take place on 31/1/20, it gives me all the details to prepare for the call however, this call is made to me and not me calling them! When they call do I then say I have not been provided with enough details to continue with the call? If so it does suggest in the email that I do this prior to their call. Cheers
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