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  1. Hi,

    so on the 2nd September I emailed Toyota finance and Inchcape with my findings and Told them I am considering legal action and you want a speedy resolution  within five days. If not then I will issue a letter of claim and bring a county court action within a further 14 days.
    Today is 5 working days and no response  so I guess tomorrow I need to contact the county court? Can this just be done online? 

  2. It appears that way to me, which is why I am questioning if its me reading it wrong?

    I have had most of the repairs done and now need new rear shocks which the garage has said the warranty will cover, after that I think the car will be fine although I will be getting the tyre issue addressed due to the mileage I do, tyreweld is not giving me much confidence but it doesn’t state which tyre.


    Do you think I have a stronger case if I wish to give it back or use to value still needs high court?

  3. This is the first I have seen it, just checked all my paperwork and I was not provided this at the time of sale or since until the finance company have requested it.

    Am I reading that correctly??

    It does state what I have said?


    This is the tyreweld which is bad practise again, would be good to see if someone has knowledge on CAG regarding the use of this because I’m sure its a temporary fix



  4. Morning, just a quick update that I have just noticed, not had a response yet but on the pre delivery inspection sheet sent to me, tyre weld has been used (tyre weld is a temporary roadside fix to get you to a garage for a permanent repair), there inspection sheet states replace brake linings if less than 70%, rear brakes 40% front brakes 50%, this has been sent to me as it was requested by the finance company


  5. Inchcapes response via the finance company is still offering the Health check fee and anti roll bar link, I have responded again to each of there points and requested full refund. The finance company this morning have said they expect a response today.


    Yes Inchcape have a great reviews but they get the reviews done whilst your in picking up the vehicle, how do you feel when picking up your new car? I have a friend also having issues with Inchcape Leicester, vehicle released with faulty brakes and wheels cracked.

  6. This is the email to Inchcape detailing costs and for the first time advising the finance company:




    From advice I have received I am requesting full compensation of my expenses due to the following reasons listed below:
    Westover 4x4 £154.80 - Initial inspection fee to identify faults (Inchcape agree to pay)
    Brake discs and pads £170.88 - The vehicle should not have been released to me with faulty brakes, due to covid 19 lockdown and garages being closed I purchased the parts and changed the brakes myself to ensure the car was safe, vibration reported to Inchcape resolved.(Inchcape do not agree to pay as considered wear and tear)
    Near side anti roll bar link worn quoted £165 Inchcape agreed to pay this (I have had the works complete for £76.35 included on Hypermotive bill attached)
    Full service including timing belt change £845.69 (Quoted £1112.95) - Whilst I have been told by Gary at Inchcape that this service will not be reimbursed I would like to remind you that I paid for the extended warranty with Inchcape as attached and page 13 clearly states that vehicles with timing belts must be checked and changed in line with the manufacturers recommendations or warranty will not be covered. I therefore have to question why Inchcape sold me a vehicle and warranty knowing the timing belt was not changed and this would invalidate my warranty?
    I am now copying Toyota finance on this correspondence as my contract is with them and have been in touch with them to advise on the situation.
    Can you please arrange the reimbursement for the above costs which now total £1,247.72 or I will be left with no option to take action towards returning the vehicle to Inchcape for full and complete refund including any finance payments made to date. 


  7. Thanks Very much, your right maybe I am to relaxed and it is a large amount of money, I appreciate your time and comments.


    I have already got and submitted the 2 independent garage reports which states what needed doing, I must add that I have had the work done and paid for it due to the nature of the work and safety of the vehicle.


    Would you like me to post the latest email from the finance company With Inchcapes response?

    I will edit appropriately 

  8. Fantastic quick response Bankfodder, thanks.


    I paid £300 for the 3 year warranty and to be fair a shock absorber has failed on the rear of the car as well which will be claimed for and because the pair need to be changed it’s £1800 cost so has been worth it already.

    I didn’t think it would help with statutory rights at all

    however they have sold me a warranty that would be immediately invalid as they only did an oil change when releasing the vehicle to me, if the cam belt had snapped on the drive home I’m sure the warranty company would not have covered it because it states the vehicle must have the correct and appropriate service schedule to be valid.


    Its a great car And I would be happy if Inchcape took responsibility and covered these costs which I believe is due to there negligence. 

    I don’t really want to take it to court although will do if needed as I am currently £1275 out of pocket and they have so far offered a token £200 gesture.


    The finance company have said they will investigate to come to a satisfactory resolve.

  9. I bought a car from Inchcape in January this year and on the drive home noticed some things that I felt weren’t quite right,


    I emailed the dealer upon returning home with the issues and felt quite confident all could be resolved as I had taken the extended warranty offered for 3 years.

    Inchcape told me to book the car in anywhere local at a reputable garage so I did but because I needed a loan car I waited 1 month, in this period I travelled 6k miles as I do a lot of mileage for work.


    The garage inspected the vehicle and advised, worn anti roll bar link, brakes needing a run out check, incorrect service done at Inchcape meaning service was due which includes cam belt change, all of which would not be covered under my extended warranty and totalling nearly £2k.


    I sent the report to Inchcape and they advised it should be done under warranty but I explained this is all wear and tear issues which warranty does not cover and they should have carried out these items before releasing the car and taking £17k of my money.

    We then went into lockdown and the dealers closed


    I decided to change all the brakes myself as I still needed the car and wanted to be safe,

    changing all the brakes resolved part of the issue which was vibration under braking and I could live with the other issues due to the circumstances and after discussions with the garage the anti roll bar link would not cause any issues.


    As soon as the dealer opened after lockdown I resumed the conversation regarding getting this resolved and am now getting the finance company to mediate the situation as they are only offering £200 towards the costs I have had to repair the vehicle.


    Am I still within my rights to return this vehicle, my understanding was 6 months which we have passed but we were locked down for 3 months.

    Any help or advise appreciated.

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