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  1. Good news. I just asked my brother if he got any letters regarding the speeding and he said yes he received the NIP and hes written his name on there and sent it off now so I should be in the clear now. Hope my friend will get his situation sorted now. Thank you for all your help guys!
  2. Okay thats perfect thats what I wanted to know. I will just ring them up next few days and ask if they have received my reply yet or not. Not much else i can do Thank you very much.
  3. Your not getting what im asking. As much as they can ask me to prove I sent the NIP out. The same I can ask them to prove they sent the NIP out to me. Letters can easily be lost in the post especially with corona virus and royal mail delays therefore it cant be my fault the letter didnt get to me can it? Its their word against mine therefore surely they cant accuse you for something they dont have proof of.
  4. And can they prove to me they sent the NIP to me? Im guessing they should have received my NIP by now but I cant really call them to ask as then they will have it on record that I called up and confirmed I sent a reply back to them which will in a way give them proof they sent a NIP out to me and I received it therefore which then leaves me having to prove I didnt receive he NIP? Guess I will just have to wait and wait until my brother gets a letter or I receive another letter from them.... Thanks.
  5. Nope meaning? Because im also thinking about my situation where my brother was caught speeding with a car in my name which I sold to him but didn't bother to change the registered keeper as would save adding a new keeper on the car especially we live in the same house anyway. Then I received a letter for speeding which was him and sent the NIP in his name unfortunately not recorded delivery! (My mistake) now im waiting on the next step however I don't want them to accuse me of failing to identify the driver as well because then it would be a sticky situation where
  6. One question.. Surely instead of him proving to them he didn't receive a letter.. They should be proving to him that they sent the letter? Don't they send the letters of first class posted or anything therefore to show proof it was sent to the address rather than a "mistake in the office"? They must have proof of this to show him but if they don't then surely they cant accuse him of failing to identify driver? Thanks.
  7. Thata great thank you very much for the advice! Its good to know we can come to you for advice. Now I only have left to sort out the issue where my brother was caught speeding in a car registered to me.. I sent the NIP in his name unfortunately 1st class so not signed for or tracked and have not received a reply. Dont want to end up in court too for failing to identify driver which sounds to me like it might happen as I haven't received a reply yet. Its been about 3/4 weeks since I sent the letter of 1st class. Thank you for all the help!! Thanks.
  8. Turns out you guys where right... This is 2 separate speeding fines. The one he received he done the awareness course for but the 2nd one he did not receive the NIP for. So considering he does not know anything about it other than the single procedure notice he will write not guilty for speeding and failing to identify driver and then in court he will agree to the speeding only if they drop the charges for failing to identify driver.. is that correct? He is telling me to write a letter for him apologising for not identifying the driver as he didnt receive the letter and to also write that he i
  9. Just spoke to him on the phone, He said the first letter came which was the NIP. He wrote his name on there and sent the letter off 1st class. He then received a 2nd letter asking him if he wants points on the licence or if he wants to do the speed awareness course. He chose to do the speed awareness course and he wrote his debit card details on there so they charged him the amount for the speed awareness course and sent him the booked date for his course by email. He has prove for the payment being taken out as well as that he sat the course and com
  10. Its "he". I keep writing he or I as when I normally write posts I write for myself and always write I therefore now that im writing for someone else, its all a bit confusing as I keep writing he or I at times. It is definitely a He not I so please ignore that. As for the speeding offence, it is definitely for the same offense not 2 separate offences. The exact same speed measurement and same road on the letter. I doubt he was doing 38 mph in BOTH speeding offenses. I think what has happened is the speed awareness course was originally booked for
  11. Hello, Friend of mine is a taxi driver and was caught doing 38mph in a 30mph zone. He received the NIP and wrote his details on there and agreed with the charge and therefore got given a speed awareness course to do. He has sat and done his speed awareness course on a computer with webcam and microphone and has references for it too. However he then received a letter stating he needs to go to court and not only for speeding but also for failing to identify driver! He already said he was guilty for speeding and had sent the letter oFf and then done the tes
  12. Hello, Yes sorry I forgot to update this... Great news is that I won the case and my ex will be getting done for "perverting the court of justice" so hes most probably looking at jail time. God was the prosecutor pushy at the trial trying to accuse me of driving and trying to tongue twist all my words! They tried to make me look like it was my fault! They started asking me, you met him in 2017 took his car from him, i told him no I left him in 2016 how could I possibly meet him again in 2017! Then he tried to accuse me by saying the sign
  13. Thank you for all your help.. I have just lost 3 days of work and my job due to not turning up to work for those days.
  14. So when would I mention the losses to them? After the case is closed or before or at the reception? Sorry I dont know much, just trying to deal with this stupid twa*.
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