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  1. I’m not sure, I’m just going by what they’ve said to my dad but I can confirm what sort of case it is later. Yes my main concern and worry is whether it is a recordable conviction that will turn up on my DBS.
  2. Just here with an update... My dad managed to get in contact with the tfl prosecutor dealing with my case, however because she could only disclose details of the case with me she passed on her number. I’m due to contact her this afternoon to discuss if there’s a possibility of an OOC. One thing she did mention to my dad, is that this is not a criminal case and the conviction (if I’m convicted) isn’t likely to come up on my DBS. I’m going to double check today anyways to see if this is correct. Is there anything else I should mention that would help my case
  3. I understand you’ve answered it but you didn’t make it clear, did you mean the tfl prosecutors win the case? Or the defendant? I’ve read the first post regarding misuse of an 18+ student card, but his case didn’t go to court so there’s not much I can compare with. I’ll definitely send a pdf of the documents I received this afternoon. Thank you for the help
  4. Sorry for the dumb question about CAG. Does it normally mean the prosecutors have won? If you don’t hear back from other people. But it also has personal info regarding where I got caught and it might make it obvious that it’s me to others including tfl (I don’t know if they really go on this site much) I know, I used to for my last week at work and I was unemployed going to job interviews and the library etc. My area doesn’t have many train stations resulting in me having to take the bus everywhere and I think that’s what is adding up. I will
  5. I have been reading up on threads with similar cases, unfortunately I can't go off any of them as no on has mentioned the outcome of their court case. There are solicitors that specialise in fare evasion cases that I've been in contact with and are willing to help. Money isn't an issue as I'm willing to spend to receive the help I need to get me out of this mess. As much as I'd love to scan the info here, parts of it do include personal information that I don't wish to share on a public platform. What the letter includes is a description of where and when I was caught,
  6. Hi Everyone, as expected, Tfl have gotten back to me with a court date in May where I'm being displaying an oyster card I was not entitled to (they only found 2 months of use, 251 uses). However I've also been asked to plead guilty/not guilty. I'm a little confused here as I've already pleaded guilty in my previous letter. What will happen if I appear in court and I plead guilty? Also there is another form attached titled 'offences taken into consideration', mentioning that if I admit the 251 suspected uses were me and I compensate for those (worth arou
  7. Thank you dx100k for your feedback. Could you please inform me on the purpose of rejigging the letter? Would it simply read better or does it now come across as more convincing, etc.? Also, what are your thoughts on the evidence I've decided to also include (receipt of monthly travel card, grandma medical records and evidence of money transfer? Do you feel it is necessary? Thank you again for your help.
  8. Hi HB, thank you so much for getting back to me and providing your feedback. I do agree and I've taken your advice and adjusted the sentence accordingly. It now reads like this: "Therefore, to ensure you that I have learn my lesson and the same mistake will not be repeated, I have purchased a monthly travelcard that I will be using from now on." You mentioned that its a good start, but I'm assuming its not good enough. Is there anything else you could suggest that I could include? To support my statement, I'll be providing the receipts from my monthly travel card, and my gran
  9. Hi @honeybee13 @dx100uk I've uploaded my proposed letter above. Please feel free to provide me with your thoughts and any feedback, thank you!!
  10. As promised, I've written my letter of plea below. I used some of the other mitigating letters that were settled out of court as a guide. Your feedback and comments would be highly appreciated. ***** I accept the offence and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for my actions. I am deeply remorseful and cannot excuse my poor judgement in purchasing an oyster card that I was not eligible for, and I understand the severity of my actions as well as the impact it has on Transport for London’s services. Therefore, I would like to make it abundantly cl
  11. Thank you very much HB. I plan on writing this today and will post the proposed letter later on this afternoon.
  12. It doesn't say that I've been charged with anything yet. Although it does mention that the 'facts of this incident are being considered and I must advise you that legal proceedings may be taken against you in accordance with Transport of London's prosecution policy" I'm assuming they're still investigating and want to hear my side of the story first before making a decision on whether to proceed with prosecuting me or not?
  13. The black highlighted bit from the letter is the following: "In order for TfL to deal with this case correctly, please return the information requested on the reverse of this letter by email to IAP@tfl.gov.uk within 10 days, including the case number stated above. Alternatively, you can send the letter by post" Otherwise I'm not sure what other black bold/highlighted bit you are referring to? I've received the same letter as others in a similar situation.
  14. Thank you for this. I've just received the letter from TFL asking me to explain the incident and accept/deny to committing the offence. I'm assuming this will require me to write a mitigating letter explaining my circumstances and how I resolved to purchasing this fake oyster. I've definitely done some deep thinking and feel remorseful for my actions. Some of the circumstances I was to include is the fact that at the time I was unemployed and searching for work. As the eldest in my family and with my mum being unemployed and acting as a carer for my sister (who's autistic) and brot
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