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  1. O that’s great News that it’s not gonna affect my credit history or they no gonna take me to the court.. as I am planning to take mortgage after getting my PR. So that’s why I was afraid of their letter. every day when I enter my shop which is next door the one of M&S staff give me a strange look which is also unbearable.
  2. Hi.....actually I need some kind of advice from youI went to buy a coffee and some bits n pieces from M&S storeI been to upstairs and took some watermelon box and dates which is about £7 I was holding a clear (see through bag) also from M&SI put these 2 things in bag and I went to downstairs to buy coffee and croissant.I was on the queue but there were 2 ladies standing near the counter I order the counter staff a coffee and the croissant I paid them on counter and I was engage with the ladies they were start talking to me and I completely forgot to pay the rest of things After that I was on my way out and the guy stopped me and said that I haven’t paid for the items I said no I’ve paid. and then I realised that I was holding the clear bag with 2 boxes.I was ashamed that time and said to him.Oh sorry I forgot to pay with my smiley face.But he did not listen a single word he took me to the small office and take my name and address. Actually I am just working next door I explain him it was not intentionally it happened by Mistake but he said no you have to admit this you stole them from the store.I used to go there often one of the staff said to security guy she came here almost everyday I said yes I came here to buy coffee I work next door. But he gave me trespass and said that you are ban from all our stores and you will receive a letter soon from our company which is you have to pay a fine. Most awkward situation is all the staff knows me very well I couldn’t sleep properly from that day to now.It was unbelievable..I received a letter from DWF already they said I have to pay £85 for the security fee.i have read some of the issues related to my case which is everybody saying to ignore that letter. So my question is ...if I ignore that letter it will b fine in the future about my credit history and my visa and criminal record as I can’t afford anything my PR is due on March so I can’t take any risk..one more thing....if I pay £85 so is it ok also to not having any trouble in further? So they will keep quite when they receive this amount? Thank you in advance
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