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  1. O that’s great News that it’s not gonna affect my credit history or they no gonna take me to the court.. as I am planning to take mortgage after getting my PR. So that’s why I was afraid of their letter. every day when I enter my shop which is next door the one of M&S staff give me a strange look which is also unbearable.
  2. Hi.....actually I need some kind of advice from youI went to buy a coffee and some bits n pieces from M&S storeI been to upstairs and took some watermelon box and dates which is about £7 I was holding a clear (see through bag) also from M&SI put these 2 things in bag and I went to downstairs to buy coffee and croissant.I was on the queue but there were 2 ladies standing near the counter I order the counter staff a coffee and the croissant I paid them on counter and I was engage with the ladies they were start talking to me and I completely forgot to pay the rest of things
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