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  1. I know its crazy, They say they won't release the charge on our property untill I pay the £1700. Because of the attempted possession years ago by my main mortgage holder engage credit (on the loophole in the law where if an agreement hasn't been arranged within 6 months they can go for possession & they refused to acknowledge any contact with me ) I made an offer to Prestige to pay off the £1700 at £100 per month which they accepted, 2 months ago. I did state that although I will do this I do not accept the charges & await the outcome of the ombudsman etc. Needless to say the ombudsman told me that he hasn't heard of anyone winning a case against Prestige & I probably will have to pay.( Got the impression he was very biased towards Prestige ) I informed him that I've requested itemised proof of the charges which haven't been forthcoming. Must admit that I feel like paying them a visit with 2 sawn off tubes but lucky enough I'm not like that. Getting nowhere fast with this.
  2. Hi, to date I have still not received a full itemised list of the supposed historical charges from Prestige finance even though I have requested them on numerous occasions please see below: Hi Joanna, With reference to our telephone conversation yesterday 2nd Sept 2020. As mentioned to you I have not received the full itemised list of charges that I requested on the 17th August 2020 (copy letter attached). Also Charles from the financial ombudsman has been in contact with me & said that Prestige have stated that the £1700 owing refers to historical charges prior to them buying the loan, although there is no mention of this in the full SAR that I requested from yourselves. A point of law states that you cannot after many years attempt to claim interest on historical charges that you say exist but have no proof of. Also may I add that if there had been any charges & I had been asked to pay them (which hasn’t occurred) I would have settled straight away. Any advise appreciated
  3. Hi , I have recieved the full SAR from prestige & as at 2nd April this year we have a statement saying 0 arrears! I have asked for an itemised run down down of any charges incurred. They are still saying the £1600 is for historical interest. A bit above my head I'm afraid. Telephoned them today & asked for a full itemised run down of any charges incurred & the lady I spoke to said there wasn't any listed on my account & she would have to email management & I have to contact them in 7 days.
  4. Cheers will do would get a solicitor onto it but not much extra pennies at the Mo Sorry for sounding dumb but what is SAR?
  5. Hi, My secured loan with Ocean money was transferred to Prestige finance approx 2015. I have now paid off the loan but they say i owe £1750 in historical charges & are still holding onto the charge for our property until we pay. We have issued a complaint with the financial ombudsman back in April 2020 but still waiting to hear back. I have asked for proof of these charges & also a copy of the credit agreement but this has not been forthcoming. I was also told by one of Prestige agents that they have not got any proof of these historical charges. Could anyone advise me what to do as totally fed up with this & to be honest quite frightened. Had a bellyful as our main lender Engage credit tried to repossess our house in 2013 when the main mortgage was transferred to them from GMAC. Went to court & managed to stop it, all arrears are paid but I am sure all this stress lead to my wife getting cancer. She is now free & recovering but obviously could do without another crook trying to bugger us up just because we don't know our rights etc. Any Help would be greatly appreciated
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