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  1. I know its crazy, They say they won't release the charge on our property untill I pay the £1700. Because of the attempted possession years ago by my main mortgage holder engage credit (on the loophole in the law where if an agreement hasn't been arranged within 6 months they can go for possession & they refused to acknowledge any contact with me ) I made an offer to Prestige to pay off the £1700 at £100 per month which they accepted, 2 months ago. I did state that although I will do this I do not accept the charges & await the outcome of the omb
  2. Hi, to date I have still not received a full itemised list of the supposed historical charges from Prestige finance even though I have requested them on numerous occasions please see below: Hi Joanna, With reference to our telephone conversation yesterday 2nd Sept 2020. As mentioned to you I have not received the full itemised list of charges that I requested on the 17th August 2020 (copy letter attached). Also Charles from the financial ombudsman has been in contact with me & said that Prestige have stated that the £1700 owing refers to historical charges
  3. Hi , I have recieved the full SAR from prestige & as at 2nd April this year we have a statement saying 0 arrears! I have asked for an itemised run down down of any charges incurred. They are still saying the £1600 is for historical interest. A bit above my head I'm afraid.
  4. Cheers will do would get a solicitor onto it but not much extra pennies at the Mo
  5. Hi, My secured loan with Ocean money was transferred to Prestige finance approx 2015. I have now paid off the loan but they say i owe £1750 in historical charges & are still holding onto the charge for our property until we pay. We have issued a complaint with the financial ombudsman back in April 2020 but still waiting to hear back. I have asked for proof of these charges & also a copy of the credit agreement but this has not been forthcoming. I was also told by one of Prestige agents that they have not got any proof of these historical charges.
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