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  1. Driver entered car park run by CEL Ltd . Tried to purchase lozenges at Pharmacy , saw it was busy so left . Time there approximately 5 minutes . Left to go to pick up some goods a couple of miles away . I have a copy of a collection of goods note with an approximate time on it Stayed a while to chat with client On return journey stopped to try again . Bought lozenges and left . There were no restrictions on returning ANPR cameras registered first entry and last exit Was sent photos showing vehicle with 2 blown up with the times on them Company refuses to divulge landlord or show contract ....said it was data protection ! Photo of a sign blown up .....could be anywhere ! Been to site itself . No signs at entrance . When entering from main road nothing ! Where there is parking a few signs visible depending on parking space . Large sign on an external wall which can only be seen when walking out or entering from side road on the left . After a number of letters I received demands from ZZPS ....a “debt collector “. They gave up on that ! This incident took pace in February . Now a Letter Before Court requesting details of my salary and how I intend to pay the debt The length of stay is 40 minutes . Tiny car park ! Do know why there are even limits . Length of stay maybe 15 minutes in total . It is madness The pack of lozenges cost £185 ! Am 72 years old with multiple health problems ! Cannot let these cowboys win . Feel as though I am being intimidated . Very stressful ! Any advice please ? I have drafted together bits from all over the place ! Need it to stop ASAP !
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