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  1. Thank you for replying so quick Andy I don't suppose you might have a suggestion of a search I could make for a template letter to respond back to the debt collecting agency ? if not I was thinking if writing something along the lines of the below Dear xxx thank you for you correspondence, please would you forward the court authority that would permits you to collect this debt as the CCJ has expired and 8 years have elapsed since the CCJ was entered. would this be along the right lines do you think? thanks Terry
  2. Hello Thank you in advance for reading my question. I am not know how best to structure my question so I have used Bullet points to make it as clear as I can. I have a debt occurred whilst I was living in Scotland. I separated and moved away from Scotland to England and believe that the bank account then went overdrawn and created the debt. The court paperwork was sent to an old address either in Scotland or an initial rented address in England. I did not receive any court paperwork. The ccj would have been registered using and old address. The CCj had been on my credit file I believe for 4 years before I was aware of it. The ccj expired from my credit file I believe around March 2017 when the 6 years had been reached. I have now been contacted by Cabot finance who advise they have bought the debt and are trying to reclaim the monies owed. I have read that due to the time elapsed that there may be a requirement for them to return to court to seek approval to claim the debt is this the case ? Kind regards Terry
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