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  1. Fri, 10 Jan 2020, 11_24-2-compressed.pdf
  2. Hi dx100uk Well I had already sent their forms by the time I managed to get onto this forum, I did send a letter stating that this was unlawful. They are now saying I can't defer and he contract is terminated. Do I just go back and send original SLC forms? Thank you for all your help
  3. Hello I posted here a couple of months ago, lots of problems with Erudio since day 1. they have now said they are terminating my contract ( letter below) they are also saying that this is because of arrears, even though this was not stated on original letter, and I disputed the arrears at the time, this occurred after their utter incompetence at the time whilst taking over from SLC and I have never earned over the threshold. I am well aware I am getting close to the 25 year mark and they are doing everything they can to make me pay befor
  4. Thank you for this! So just to clarify, whilst I am filing a complaint about them they cannot pursue this? Also can they legally just terminate the contract, will they still try and pursue this?
  5. I was thinking this, as their behaviour has always been disgusting ! How do I go about this? and what can I do in the mean time to get them to back off?
  6. No I haven't paid anything, even when they have said I am in arrears, I have managed to get them t back off - not sure how, but obviously not earning above the threshold and making various complaints about them...something obviously worked for a while. So any advice as to what I can do now?
  7. To cut a long story short I have had nothing but stress from Erudio ever since my old student loan was sold to them in 2014. First of all they did not send me deferment forms and then said I was in arrears, I spent ages trying to sort that out until they agreed with deferment, but still tried to chase me for arrears. After that and going backwards and forwards sending complaints they seemed to back off a bit for a couple of years or so. I have managed to defer nearly every year since, despite not earning over threshold its always been a struggle an
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