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  1. Thank you for this! So just to clarify, whilst I am filing a complaint about them they cannot pursue this? Also can they legally just terminate the contract, will they still try and pursue this?
  2. I was thinking this, as their behaviour has always been disgusting ! How do I go about this? and what can I do in the mean time to get them to back off?
  3. No I haven't paid anything, even when they have said I am in arrears, I have managed to get them t back off - not sure how, but obviously not earning above the threshold and making various complaints about them...something obviously worked for a while. So any advice as to what I can do now?
  4. To cut a long story short I have had nothing but stress from Erudio ever since my old student loan was sold to them in 2014. First of all they did not send me deferment forms and then said I was in arrears, I spent ages trying to sort that out until they agreed with deferment, but still tried to chase me for arrears. After that and going backwards and forwards sending complaints they seemed to back off a bit for a couple of years or so. I have managed to defer nearly every year since, despite not earning over threshold its always been a struggle and then they claim I haven't given them enough evidence! Despite sending the required three months payslips which tells them how much I've earned to date! (clearly some not very bright people who work at Erudio). This year has been no different with them being difficult and using tactics that mean you miss the deadline and then they threaten you with termination of contract, after having a baby in June I decided against my better judgement to apply for deferment online, I think I may have tried this before, there is never any acknowledgement that its been received and no way of tracking it either ( no paper trail) apart from records on my computer. However, as you may appreciate the first few months of being a new parent are a bit of a blur and to be honest I thought I had applied for it and then it would just be a case of waiting for them to send confirmation and it would be deferred ( I am currently on statutory maternity pay ) none of this arrived and being completely stressed due to my daughter having to undergo heart surgery at 16 weeks I did not chase this up and well I guess it wasn't on the list of my priorities at the time, thinking it might just go through plain sailing, just for once like it did with SLC. I do realise that Erudio are trying anything they can to stop me from going into the 25 year period where it will be written off. The loans were 1997-99. They have sent a termination letter saying I need to pay the entire student loan back in 7 days and I now don't have any contractual rights and the loans will not be written off. Its not the first time, Erudio have tried to do this to be honest, but after getting advice they seem to back off, but this is new to me, and well my question is: Can they actually terminate the contract despite the original contract not being with them? I have written back to them to say I applied for deferment online, but this was never acknowledged my question is what can I do now, and what are my rights? I have spoken to CAB about them before but to be honest they are clueless depending on who you speak to and where, and sometimes say they are behaving within the law !
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