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  1. Thanks. I had looked at that but I'm on my phone. I will look when on a computer.
  2. I have the photos from signage now. They have put up a new entrance sign and 8 signs around the car park. The files are bigger than the allowed size though!
  3. Hi Ericsbrothers. Thanks for your input. DX posted the sign for me in post 4. It does say at the bottom that NPS are trading name of NPS (NE). All letters have NPS as the main headings, but the blurb on the back of the page says NPS (NE). When the appeal was made at the time, they said they were IPC members. Didn't mention BPA at all. I can take photos of the new signs this weekend. I have looked on Google maps streetview and they are definitely new ones. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, I have another question! Just looking at the letter of claim. They have said "a pcn was issued to the registered keeper on 5/4/16" That is obviously untrue as it was a NTD on that date. Even if that was the case, doesn't 28 days have to have passed? They are idiots!
  5. Thanks. I am trying to understand all the info in the threads and apply to ours. Was optimistically wishing you had said they'd broken some other rule having the old signs up! Will await Ericbrothers so I know exactly what I am replying with!
  6. Can I just ask another question in relation to the company names so I am clear myself? I have read about the different companies NPS and NPS (NE). I understand NPS was dissolved in Jan 2016. NPS (NE) incorporated in 2014. On the signs at the time (April 2016) they still mention NPS trading under NPS (NE). Is this allowed? Then also, although the letters appear to be from NPS, they have the new company name on the back at very the bottom with the new company number. So does this cover them? Thanks!
  7. Ah. I see the difference in time scales between the one they cited in their letter of claim and the 'pre-action protocol for debt' Thanks!
  8. Thank you again. I read that document online but paragraph 6a and b, which now states 14 days. Did I read the wrong one?
  9. Thanks for adding. 8th December for what? Do I not have to reply within the 14 days to acknowledge the letter of claim? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. I am conscious of the deadline approaching but will hold on and hopefully EB's knowledge will help. Do you know if it is true that they can't allow 56 days to pass from NTD and NTK?
  11. Hello. Do you mean the first notice to keeper? That was the 12th July. Notice to driver via ticket 5th April. The driver didn't have a permit. The car park was entered thinking the sign directly in front of the car belonging to local council was for that space (the photos are in post 6). There was a sign on the wall but wasn't clear when driving in to the car park. It is in post 6 and on the wall. The "entrance" is just a gap in the walkway from the road. I have sent the original ticket across.
  12. Thanks, FTMdave. That totally makes sense about them sending those letters. I was the polite one in my responses and go nowhere. I thought NPS had been running since 2014? Thanks to Dx100uk all my letters are on now. Hopefully it makes things more clear. Thank you for people's input so far!
  13. You are right, I was stupid and very naive. Wow. No wonder I didn't win my appeal. I am that person that was tempted to pay! Until I started reading these threads. I am worried that response would antagonise, is there a more formal response? What company name is incorrect? Mine have remained the same throughout. Thanks! docs1_.pdf
  14. Hi Dx100uk. I kept everything as I had a feeling I might need it one day!! I only have a phone so took multiple images, converted to PDF but over the limit. I will figure it out asap! I read the other posts too that you referred to but I got very lost! Also, not sure if relevant but I appealed as the driver and letters are to the registered keeper. Thanks.
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