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  1. I must stress I did pay the bill. Should I paste a copy of the agreement?
  2. I ave been efected by the covid 19 virus due to a heart condition
  3. Ive paid the bill im not trying to get out of it. Its a service they provide. The staff that work here in my house provide a travel service to hospital at a cost very kindly of course. BUt the Post code error makes me wonder even though I have paid it makes me wonder if I didn't would this be enforceable?
  4. The landlord sent a bill for a service he uses However the Postocde dsoe not Mach the address on the tenancy agreement. Can the Landlord enforce this agreement?
  5. Hi I have an assured shorthold tenancy agreement. What happens if the Landlord makes an error in the address on the tenancy agreement?
  6. I found this. If you’ve booked an Advance ticket we can’t offer you a refund, sorry. You could change the date and time of your ticket instead. For other ticket types, if you’ve only used the outbound part of your Return ticket you might be able to get a partial refund for your unused return part. A partial refund for a Return ticket doesn’t necessarily work out as half the cost of the ticket. And just so you know, we charge a £10.00 fee per refund. Give us a call on 0333 202 2222 and one of our friendly team will chat to you about your options.
  7. I have had my ticketssent to my phone and my phone is broken. I could not remember my tikets details and my support worker phoned trainlinne to help. The online portal has rejected a refund and the person on the phone has said if I get a ticket from the station it maybe refunded. SO i got a new ticket. The train company has said today on the train that because my journey hjas been delayed over 30 mins its policy im entitled to a refund. Now this is with TransPennine Express. Can you help? Turtle Doves
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