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    Keyed car

    This will be won’t pay more. The Ex-husband got his ex-wife to go to mediation to sort out the financial side because they own property together. The ex-wife did not like what she heard from the mediator and would not cooperate. So they wasted 3 visits. Afterwards she arranged another mediation meeting but just for herself without the ex-husband involved and paid over £120 to tell the mediation service how bad she thought they were. Then told the ex-husband what she had done. Now here’s a new bit of information at the moment the ex’s have one of their houses up for sale, can my sister put a lean on the house? If yes, how does she put the lean only on the ex-wife’s part of the money
  2. SFB

    Keyed car

    It was 4 weeks ago. My sister call the police officer last night to get some advice on her options and she was told, that they think that £5. a month is restorative justice and don't want to reopen the case. so it looks like her partner ex-wife has got away with the damage. I am absolutely fuming, I will personally never trust the police again. so whats next complain to the police complaints authority. (after last night that seems a waste of time) take her to county court court.
  3. SFB

    Keyed car

    Thank you bankfodder for your quick responce. the cheapest quote is £3,900 the other 2 are over £4,000
  4. I not sure how to start. My sister met her new partner years after the breakup of his marriage. But My sister had her car keyed by her partner’s ex-wife. lucky for my sister, a neighbour had it on CCTV. when the police were called and shown the video, they visited the ex-wife and she admitted it and promised to pay to put it right. The police suggested the best way to handle this would be restorative justice, the ex-wife agreed to pay but with the proviso if she doesn’t do what she promises she can be arrested for the crime. Her partner Ex-wife works as a school teacher or works in a teaching capacity in a school. not want to prolong or cause any problems for the ex-wife she agreed to go along with the police. my sister spent time going getting quotes from 3 companies near to her because she has two children to look after so she need to stay close to her home. she sent her a letter sent with the three quotes giving he 14 days to choose and an extra 7 days to sort out payment with whoever she picked out of the three. After 21 days she had heard nothing of the ex-wife. my sister sent her another letter giving her another 14 days to sort things otherwise she will have no other choice but to involve the police. My sister got a letter back to day saying (ex-wife) never received the first letter and she admitted she had damaged the car and said she would pay but it happened because of having to deal with her ex- husband’s and to put thing right, she offered my sister five pounds a month. A This would take 66years to pay off approx. £4,000 damage B The ex-wife is in full time employment. What can my sister do? I have suggested that she get the police back involved and press charges for the damage to her car.
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