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  1. I will put some money into the coffers on this site as its well deserved.
  2. Good morning and hope you are all enjoying a happy friday. After many letters, emails and phone calls, I have finally received a very large pile of a4 paper from heliodor yesterday. They blame covid for the delays, but I would place a large bet that their customer service wasnt great before that! I have 15 years worth of statements, letters but I think that the mortgage transaction lists are the place to start. Should I look for anything unusual in there?
  3. Dont get me wrong, im not loaded but I decided that for what I had lost it could have been a lot worse. I just didn't need the stress of a long drawn out court battle with a company who probably have infinite resources and top barristers on retainers. Ive read through all of the letters again and they were/are basically saying that I failed to make 4 payments, all 4 were made on time. I wrote to them in Oct 17 recorded delivery with bank statements and a full summary explaining their error. If anything they owe me the money, not the other way around! The timing is stra
  4. I really appreciate the messages above. At the time, I threatened to reject the car as I felt that either the parts were missing, faulty or not properly fitted from new. The best photo I have is below, screen shot from the video but I will have the video somewhere. It was also detailed in an engineers report (which Im sure they regretted sharing).
  5. The leasing company were a broker, its the manufacturer/underwriter Vauxhall Finance Plc who have sent the letters. In layman terms there was damage to the engine and gearbox. When the dealer did the video inspection video, they noted that there were bolts missing. I was told that I had caused this and they had different reasons for this but hand on heart, im not a racing or rally driver! I had never had a brand new car before and it was carefully ran in for the frist 1000 miles.
  6. Jan 17 signed lease on a Vauxhall Astra April 17 car delivered as promised, paid deposit June 17 reported problems, booked in July 17 took car to garage, provided with courtesy car July 17 received email showing missing parts under car engine bay July 17 received letter requesting that i pay for cylinder damage to engine due to driver error July 17 wrote to CEO asking for good will Aug 17 raised official complaint and send SAR Sept 17 received letter asking me to pay my regular payment (DD was not cancelled and all payments made on time)
  7. I leased a car 4 years ago. There was a problem with the car within the first few months and I booked it into the main dealer. When it went in they sent one of the videos showing the car. It showed that there were parts missing under the car. Despite this they said that the problems were driver error and would not be covered under warranty. The cost of repairs would have run it into thousands and they collected their hire car, leaving me high and dry. I complained to the ombudman who advised me to carry on making monthly payments and register a formal compl
  8. Ive worked out that I will save almost 50% paying it off early. Ive submitted and SAR, playing the waiting game now.
  9. Good morning both and thank you for taking the time to reply, BF, my loan is delinked and so the interest rate is circa 12.9%. I have read up on the site about SAR and will follow the steps, Im assuming that the timescales will be longer due to the lockdown.
  10. I owe cicra £15k to Heliodor for the unsecured part of an NRAM together mortgage. The account is in good health having always been paid on time. I will soon have redundancy money along with some savings to payoff around £12k. Is it possible to make a full and final offer on a debt that isnt in arrears?
  11. Good afternoon all! I moved into my property in October 2017. I vaguely recall spoking by telephone to the separate suppliers of gas and electric shortly afterwards. I have been receiving my gas bills from bg just fine. Stupidly I didnt realise that I wasn't receiving or paying electricity bills. I have recently been contacted by a debt collection agency threatening court action and a different meter if I didnt pay within 7 days. I contacted them and they agreed to hold off action. I then wrote to the electric supplier and explained that I had no
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