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  1. UPDATE - managed to get a court hearing by paying £255 fee to the courts. I have requested consideration of this being refunded depending on the outcome of the court case. On the grounds of; 1. I didnt receive a claim form (although I have no explanation why because it has been confirmed that the address was right) 2. I wrote to HX/Gladstones asking for their agreement to set the judgement aside. I didnt receive a reply. The courts will confirm when it is to be heard, but it will be at my local court in Wigan. Thats about the best I could hope for considering
  2. Doh! Sorry , you had already told me this! Heads spinning/ senility creeping in. Thanks
  3. ... is my correct home address. I realise that this is a weakness in my case, but all the evidence I have collected and the case I have built, waiting to see if it went to court or not, is now potentially wasted. The stress of it all is making it easier for me to decide to pay the CCJ and live with it. I have a small amount of energy left to proceed with the application to set aside, if theres a chance of it being considered.
  4. Northampton CC sent me a copy of the claim form which I should have received in early October. It is dated October 7th. Before I received a copy of the claim form, I answered security questions and the lady at the courts, read to me an 8 letter 'password' which when used in conjunction with the claim number , started me through the 'apply to have a judgements set aside' process. I logged out to gather all my defence documents together and prepare my case. I went online through my government gateway log in to start the request to have the judgement 'set asid
  5. Northampton CC say the same address was on the summons as on the letter I just received so I'm stuck. I don't think she would have appreciated me saying 'are you sure you posted it?' ha! she gave me the log on details i need to go through the 'set aside' application process so thats what I am going to do. Thanks to dx and anyone else who's helped me. I'll post if anything of interest happens.
  6. Haven’t done anything yet. I’m still reeling from the position I am in. I can’t believe that I paid and still have the proof but because of the part ref number I keyed in, it now means paying the £261 or risking £255 to defend it.
  7. Thanks for the post and I’ll reupload the files. I haven’t moved house and I was instantly identified through the DVLA. I don’t know why I didn’t get a claim form, the first letter I had which obviously showed court involvement was the one I referred to. It advised me what to do if I wanted to defend it and mentioned a charge. I went to the website and followed the process through with my defence. Took about an hour only to find that the fee was £255 !! I rang the court and they said 2 options etc... as in my f
  8. Help please! Brief background :- I parked on a 'pay and display' car park , paid for 3 hours, displayed my ticket, left after 2 hours, and luckily kept the ticket. I received a letter asking for £100 and showing photos time stamped . I sent them a copy of my ticket then found out that they were fining me for not fully keying my reg number in -, but I put missed last digits thinking that was enough.digits Advice from forums suggested waiting to see if I am taken to court. Yesterday I got a letter - Judgement for Claiman
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