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  1. No, not letter of claim, its exactly the same wording as the first email they sent me way back in April that said I needed to respond within 7 days which I ignored... So I received 8 emails in total so I expect I shall get 8 letters now ....
  2. Hi All, I left the UAE 2 years ago. Have my bank clearance letter from HSBC. I have been receiving emails from a company based in Hemel Hempstead IDRWW about money owed to the bank of RAK in the UAE which I’ve ignored as thought it was spam.e I have now received a letter through the post saying the same thing (no idea how they have got my new address) that they are acting on behalf of RAK bank. I’ve never had an account with them but know how dodgy things are over there so would be nervous going back!... . Do I just ignore it or reply? It must be identity theft? I am also nervous about travelling as I travel a lot & wouldn’t want to be arrested!! I obviously have no intent on paying a debt that is not mine plus have no assets here anyway... Can they actually take me to court for something that isn’t mine?? Any info gratefully received. Have spoken to citizens advice & they couldn’t help. Thankyou
  3. I have been sent a letter today by IDWRR... After ignoring numerous emails. Only thing is, I never took out any credit cards with the UAE bank in question & I moved back to the UK 2 years ago What should I do?
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