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  1. ok here goes nothing I have re-read the original letter from the YB and am now of sound mind to dissect it. It clearly states there are 5 loans and then says they also found 4 more (the same loan numbers) so not MORE! PPI upheld on 4 but then goes on to state an offer of recompence on 5 They have only included the agreements for 2 loans so how do they know about the others on which they have made an offer? Could someone please look at the upload on post 4. If there are 5 loans why have i not got 5 agreements as requested when i sent the SAR, I thought they had to by law? They have agreed the PPI is there and made a token offer so they must have the info somewhere. If you could please have a look and advise how to fill the CISheet v101.xls in it would be of great help. I have printed the ombudsman questionnaire out and the letter as advised but i want to add to it that their letter does not make any sense. So I just need the spreadsheet now. Not understanding why i can't put them all on the same sheet? Thanks sara
  2. omg i have calculated all loans on one spreadsheet and it comes to £14,143.29 could this be correct? If it is i am lost for words. May i draw your attention to 2 loans that i apparently claimed against PPI premiums paid £2,512.06 Plus 8% simple interest £1,681.04 TOTAL £4,193.10 Less insurance claim £2,493.31 Adjusted PPI premiums and associated interest £1,018.33 Adjusted simple interest £681.46 TOTAL £1,699.79 I'm not sure which figure to calculate? Any advice would be helpful Thanks I'm sorry for being such a numpty but people like me tend to bury their heads in the sand and then run around like a loon trying to sort things out
  3. I am trying to do the spreadsheet but the calculations are less than what they have offered in the first place? I'm obviously doing something wrong. Can i put both on one spreadsheet? Also i have noted that the offers on the other loans have no dates on them so how can i calculate the interest?
  4. I have the info I posted but don't know what to do with it. I have read until I can't read any more. I'm confused how to proceed. The stuff they sent is not clear cut. Could you give me some guidance please Do you think there is more? Or is the offer fair?
  5. Hi. Is there any help available. I am stuck with what to do next Thanks
  6. Hi dx100uk Was wondering if you've managed to unravel this yet? Thank you so much for your help
  7. HI This is all I have. I thought the bank statements would prove the amounts paid monthly attached to the loan agreements?
  8. Please can you post the upload instructions again. I do NOT have the upload button Agreements for upload.pdf Statements .pdf
  9. :-) of course you do, sorry stupid question really haha i will get on with it tonight i bet your calling me all the names under the sun thanks though
  10. Oh ok but there are over 100 documents but only the 1 credit agreement. All of them?
  11. Thankyou. The manage attachments is there today. Please see what they have sent me along with loads of statements, one credit agreement and credit card statements. 2nd from YB.pdf
  12. They have sent 1 loan agreement and piles of statements. Its scary looking back in my financial past I am beginning to think i have bitten off more than i can chew.
  13. Well the info landed on my doorstep today (2 days after a phonecall) Now where do i start? It seems to be all statements for my account and my credit card account. I can't see the wood for the trees at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi all I rang YB today and after four different numbers eventually spoke to someone who said "we have not received your request" I replied that someone had signed for it and I have the receipt. Oh yes she said we sent a reply on 21st May but if you haven't got it may we have another week and I'll send it again? Here we go gang. I told them they have until Monday and then I will take the next step regardless. Sounds like they are trying to delay the inevitable doesn't it?
  15. Right here we go The Yorkshire bank have completely ignored my SAR. Where do i go now? All help is appreciated as I am now lost. Thanks in advance
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