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  1. AM i able to cash the Plevin cheque in lieu of trying for the PPI with the extra information I have ? Or if I cash it will they consider it game over ? Thankyou
  2. Oh I seen so no ones winning at the ombudsman now ? Nothing being overturned. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thankyou it’s because I’m awaiting the outcome and a friend said I will be turned down as I asked them a while back if I had ppi on the account and how much it was and they replied. But they did only send me a short confirmation with the amount and that they trust that answers my enquiry. i just wanted to be prepared if they wouldn’t turn me down based on that. Thanks for your advice on that mate
  4. Please may I ask how the 3 year time Barr works. in May 2016 I wrote to capital one asking if I had Ppi on my account, they wrote back to confirm I did and how much it was. It stated nothing further. i put an application in for PPI in Aug 2019 to see if it was Mis sold. Would this count for the time Barr or would capital have had to mention anything further ie tell me I could apply to see if it had been Mis sold. Or would they count the fact I’ve asked if I’ve got it as the start of a time Barr ? Thankyou
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