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  1. @Johnshell yes exactly the same - seems very strange that we have received on the same day! They must be doing some admin! I will keep on eye on the advice you receive in this forum as the issue is exactly the same.
  2. Hello guys, really nice to see an active conversation about this - I always get worried when receiving letters of this nature, always good to know there are experts to help out! Today I received three letters from Northern Parking Services, all for separate incidents and related to a car I no longer own. They are titled "Letter of Claim". All three are for separate incidents in early 2018 - so a long time ago. I have not had any recent correspondence relating to these however I did recently sell the car the letters reference - is it possible they have got wind of this and sent them out to try and scare me/catch me out in the hope I no longer live at the property? Anyway the usual advice would be appreciated. One line does read that they "intend to recover the sums..." (it is £160 for each). Thanks in advance for the help!
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