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  1. Oh l already do! But a lot of damage can be done when you lose your head.
  2. And I have provided the name of the company just not the individual.
  3. I feel that you are being snappy with me. I have communicated as much as I know. I have no desire to protect this company but neither do I want to slander their name if they have done no wrong.... yet. I very much appreciate your advice. I have their address and can do this if l don't hear from them by Monday
  4. Why do you want to know the person? It id not my intention to name and shame, l wanted advice on what to do next. I do not think there is any ill intent. I just want my chairs! It was Transportuk1973
  5. That was not my intention. I have told you everything, this Transport19731 company picked up my chairs from Lots Rosd auction at my instruction via Shiply website. I have had very little communication with them mainly via the website messaging service and a couple of calls. They keep telling me next week, next weekend but it never happens. They say they are trying to arrange it with other jobs. I have contacted Shiply who have provided me with the company details buy that is it. Last night I suggested that another company pick up from them and they said no.
  6. It is all done through Shiply so no and no They are in Stoke on Trent
  7. I have used Shiply on several occasions and haf no cause for complaint. They are just known for not getting involved in resolving issues but they don't claim to.
  8. Shiply has taken a £10 deposit. Courier is paid on receipt of goods
  9. They collected the chairs which l had just bought for £500 on the 13th October. They stated 21days max for delivery. I am actually in Nortg Northumberland so not quite Scotland. I am not blaming Shiply at all, they are just a platform. My issue is with the courier I engaged through them who had good reviews
  10. I have read regular complaints about Shiply but that is what you sign up for. My question is what do l do now? I purchased some furniture from London to be delivered to Scotland, it has now been over a month and I am being given excuse after excuse. I do not suspect anything illegal at this point but I have suggested to them that l get another courier to pick up the furniture from them and they have said no. Any ideas on what to do now? I'm sure they would show up eventually but l need to move these on.
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