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  1. Thank you both for taking the time to reply and for your advice I have emailed the CEO but am not confident
  2. We purchased a laptop from PC world in Dec, it did not come out of the box until 26 days after purchase at which point it failed instantly. It was returned to the store on the 31st day since purchase including all the Christmas holiday. The assistant argued with us against exchanging the laptop as it was 31 days The laptop was repaired with hardware replaced and returned to us. It failed again completely in June and was returned to store; again it was repaired with hardware replaced. During mid Sept the laptop first kept locking up and then the battery life reduced to an hour. It was finally returned to the store again on 23/10 at which point I spoke to the store manager. He stated that it would need to go for repair again. I agreed as he stated if any fault were found that required parts the laptop would be written off at this point. Notes were added to the diary on the system to this effect along with his name. On the 31st Oct I was contacted to tell me that the laptop had been repaired again hardware parts replaced and a new image loaded so all my data is lost. When I referred to the fact that the manager had instructed it to be written off the analyst confirmed that there were the instruction on the repair notes to this effect and didn’t know why it had been repaired. He promised to call me back. The following day I was contacted again by another analyst I repeated all the same information and referred her to the diary notes at which point I was told she has no idea and she was only asked to phone everyone on her list. At this point I requested the manager again I was told he would call me back. 4 days later I still haven’t heard any more. The team do not seem to be able to follow the agreed process even when defined by the store manager in writing on their own system. Can we reject this repair as the laptop has constantly failed and if we go via the county court do we have any rights or a good chance of winning Also looking at the receipt we have been paying for a warranty when the device is covered by the normal 12 month warranty. Surely this is miss sold? Thanks for any advice
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