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  1. Edit: There was no way to declare value while sending the package.
  2. Hi, I have checked and it has not been received by the sender (although it's been sent back a month ago). I do not recall any value having been declared, i don't think that was an option. There was just the insurance which was up to 300 euros. I know how this forum feels about those but this was for additional peace of mind in case things got broken. I never thought a 20kg package could be lost but I was naive. I will check again if any mention of value was made during the sending process. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello, Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. I have recently moved to the UK, and my family back in France have sent me my belongings through mondialrelay, in 2 packages (both sent on the same day). The first package arrived without a problem and was left with a neighbour. However, for the second package, Hermes claims they have attempted three deliveries during the workweek. I have no proof of this. No paper left, and never any warning before the delivery. How can I take a day off work with no notice? The website did not allow me to add information for
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