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  1. Hello unclebulgaria67

    I am hoping you can help me here I have received a letter from CLI Credit Limits International saying in bold red letters FORMAL DEBT RECOVERY NOTIFICATION regarding a traffic offence in Italy, it has been 5 years or more since I was in Italy. (entered a restricted area without authorisation apparently), I do not even have a date when this happened?

    Original fine was EUROS 219.05 converted to  GBP £198, but in total it is  NOW £364.46

    I have never received any letters or phone calls regarding this.

    Letter was sent 2nd class 

    I am sick with worry as I have never received anything like this before and not sure what to do.

    I do not have the money to pay this.

    Any advice would be helpful.

    Thank you


    1. unclebulgaria67


      CLI just provide letters for use by foreign creditors and CLI post them out. Any money paid goes directly to the foreign creditor thinks they are owed the amount.


      If this was so important, why wait so long ?


      You could ignore, as the Italian organisation is very unlikely to try to enforce in the UK. Or write back saying that you no clue about this, as you have not visited Italy for a very long time. And say no more.

    2. Rangi


      Just found this on Wiki. I paraphrase slightly but it says; There is also another statute of limitations, limiting the time for enforcing a penalty, to a period of time provided for by law: five years, when dealing with misdemeanours. I think after five years these sorts of thing become public record and chancers like Cli try it on. I think you're totally safe to ignore them. 


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