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  1. In my contract, it states that "you maybe required to do other work and yours hours may change" I use to cover a colleague when he was on holiday. I would do 10.00-12.00 noon then start my contracted work at 12.00-6.30 pm. When my manageress received a letter telling her I will no longer do overtime which was 10.00-12.00 noon she immediately changed my work to 11.00-5.30 pm for the week, using the contract "you may be required to do other work and, your hours may change" My contract mentions nothing about "it may be short notice" am I correct or incorrect telling my manageress that, she has to put this in writing. ACAS told me 2 weeks before the meeting that the manageress should have told me in writing that she wants me to do the different time. According to ACAS she has broken my contract. The union officer is a bus driver but carries out union representation when there is no other officer available. He said that my manager was in the right. Please confirm whether ACAS or, my manageress is correct. Last week I had the grievance meeting with the Daughter (project manager) of the manageress although, a director, probably one of the shareholders, told me the meeting would be with the manager who the grievance is against. The PA was taking notes alongside the Daughter, project manager. They used that "your hours may change" clause stating that the change of my time was only temporary but, refused to confirm that it will happen again. Because I use to cover my colleagues holiday, I know the manager will use this permanently, using the clause in my contract. Your help is always much appreciated DiecastDave
  2. My grievance against my manager is on Wednesday at 12.00 noon. A union officer is representing me. The representative for my manager is a product manager. I was told today that she is the Daughter or a Step-Daughter of the manager. Is this a conflict of interest? Am I correct in saying that, because the manager is the subject, the hearing has to be carried out by a person higher than the manager such as a director? if so, the product manager is not entitled to carry out the hearing. I'm pretty certain that I read this in law books. My Brother is a licensed union chairman but has since left his previous employment. He is certain that I am correct . Any help would be gratefully appreciated. diecastdave
  3. Thanks ericsbrother. I was absolutely certain that I was right in what you state here although, I was unaware about Subject Access Request. I shall mention that to the union officer next week. Your help is gratefuuly appreciated. diecastdave
  4. The PCN is a Parking Charge Notice and not a Penalty Charge Notice also a PCN but that is usually used by councils for over staying your time when you pay at the machines and some private car parks. You need to ask the airport staff for confirmation that they can charge for this as it is private land however, if they can do this then you have a right to appeal which should be set out on the PCN you have been issued with. My Brother has fought 74 Parking Charge Notice tickets for parking on private land and he has won:::::::::74 I think he uses the name TickyMicky I'm a newbie here but I will try and contact him tomorrow by text or email DiecastDave
  5. I work for a cleaning company contracted to a bus company who own the cleaning company. I have a written contract stating my job title, role and hours and days to work. Monday-Saturday 12.00 noon to 6.30 pm. My contract states "you may be asked to do other work" When my colleague was on his holiday, I did 2 hours overtime which was 10.00 am to 12.00 noon then start my own shift 12.00 noon to 6.30 pm. I sent my manager a letter in October stating I was stopping overtime due to the lies and false allegations from 1 of 2 women working for the bus company so, would carry on with my normal working hours 12.00 noon to 6.30 pm. I received a phone from the secretary telling me my hours have changed and I now start at 11.00 am to 5.30 pm for this week while my colleague is on holiday. (I know that I will be told to do this every holiday he has) When I said I am doing my contracted hours because if I start from 11.00 am that is an extra hour for the woman to make false allegations and harass me and, is also classed as forced overtime and it has been changed to suit my manager. The secretary said in a raised voice "manager said "YOU'VE GOT TO DO IT" I contacted unite the union, the area officer told me "you stay where you are and submit a grievance against her stating that she has broken the "status quo" and has not given the change of hours in writing which has to be done by law. I also had confirmation of the same by ACAS who also said that she has to put in writing my contracted hours and also state that when my colleague is on holiday, my working hours will change according to his holiday entitlement. The unite union area officer said that my manager is forcing me to do overtime (11.00 am to 12.00 noon) even though my hours are still 6.5 but they have been changed to cover holidays rather than her find somebody else to do the holiday cover. another colleague can do this because he finishes his work at 12.00 noon which is where I take over although in a different area, just round the corner. I submitted a grievance against my manager last year for being one sided towards me and for bullying. If somebody submits a complaint against me, she and believes them and gives me a bad boy mark. Last year she gave me a bad boy mark stating that my colleague has submitted a grievance against me. I later found out that the grievance was not against me but against a driver in the bus company that I am contracted to. My manager told me last month if I don't communicate with the bus company staff (the 2 women causing trouble) (I only communicate with them when I have to) she will have to remove me from the building. There is no other department in the company to work for so, I take it she means she will sack me. Every law book and organisations including the government web page and ACAS and the union, states that she has broken the status quo. My grievance against her is to be heard on November the 13th. Any help on this matter will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
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