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  1. Thank you. I will try and claim under their limited company and will ne and shame them on social media to help warn other innocent people of these vial rouge traders!!!!
  2. Thank you for the advise and screen shot I will make a claim and inform insolvency so hopefully they get investigated and never be allowed to trade again under any name. I hope everyone gets there money back
  3. Hi good idea I have already had them referred to trading standards about a month ago and I contacted the ombudsman but they’re not registered with them unlike it says on their sales invoice . I’m definitely happy to write to BBC watchdog as Want them to pay for what they have done It really is disgusting and so dangerous selling cars that are not even roadworthy . I had my six-year-old daughter in the car with my clutch went on a busy 4 lane road. I phoned citizens advice yesterday to see if I could try to recoup any of my costs and they is advised that because it wasn’t a limited company my only hope was to try and contact the insolvency department but I don’t remain hopeful.
  4. Thank for for creating this thread for me, much appreciated
  5. Hi I hope you don’t mind me adding on to this thread but unfortunately I have to become a victim of their dodgy antics. I bought a car on the 18th of September 2019 with 3 months warranty 10 days later the clutch went. liaising with their complaints team they informed me to get the vehicle recovered to them and they will diagnose the vehicle. They then advised that after owning the car for 10 days I had prematurely missed use the clutch causing the fault. They offered to repair the vehicle if I got it recovered to their garage in bagshot and would reimburse me recovery cost and charge me £295 for the repair. I did the above and was in contact with the Irish man called Noel who kept fobbing me off saying they would repair it but needed more time. When I went down there 3 weeks later I discovered all the cars have been removed from the site and the premises locked up and my car was nowhere to be seen. I contacted the complaints department who then advised me my car was at another garage and gave me location and someone would meet me with the key. The car was actually just dumped in a street around the corner. Luckily I had a spare key and arranged for the vehicle to be recovered as soon as possible and taken to another garage. The new garage repaired my car and said that it was in such a state parts had snapped and said the garage would’ve been aware of this and I had not prematurely cause this fault. The complaints team had advised me to Collect my vehicle and get it repaired at another garage as EMC could no longer do it due to losing their premises. Once repaired by a different garage I contacted the complaints department as wanted to be refunded recovery costs as they previously agreed and the difference in repair costs as I had to pay the new garage £200 more than EMC had quoted. I then got an email back today saying that EMC car sales have ceased trading and all future arrangements have been cancelled and they may not be able to help me. Is there anything I can do to claim my money back? I saw in the previous posts that they are still trading under a limited company and have the same companies house number. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or anything I can do against them to stop them doing this in the future. They shouldn’t be able to keep getting away with ripping customers off under different trading names the owners should be barred and sentenced.
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