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  1. Hi Consumer Action Group. I've been following this forum for years, but have only signed up today. I took out a £5K loan with the Enterprise Fund to start a business in 2013. The business failed. I initially put the debt into a debt management plan, then stopped paying into it in 2017. Recently, a debt collection agency called Vilcollections wrote to me, saying I have 14 days to pay the debt. Worried that this could lead to a CCJ (I think their 14 day warning letter is a legal prerequisite to a CCJ) I wrote back and requested the credit agreement within two weeks. Around five weeks later, they replied with the legit credit agreement. I was thinking to offer a full and final settlement at 20% of the price. What does everyone else here think? Is the debt enforceable? Thanks for all the great information on this forum so far. All the contributors here have helped me a great deal. I am grateful to you all.
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