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  1. The letter hasn't actually been posted yet. I figured it might be extra fire power in order for them to withdraw but I'm happy hold it for now.
  2. Hi CAG, I sent the insulting letter as suggested. I received a quality reply from BW that I just wanted to update you all with for a giggle. The letter contained the normal rhetoric and nonsense case law, but the real giggle came in the form of the "evidential" imagery they attached to the letter. They attached pictures of a car that has nothing to do with me and was dated 2 years after my PCN was issued. I've followed it up with a snotty letter and I'll update you when I receive a reply.
  3. Please see attached redacted letter. I had a couple of issues with the scanner however these documents should give you a feel for the correspondence. There is a couple of more pages of questionnaires. bw LOC.pdf
  4. I thought I had previously reviewed a thread talking about the requirement to reply with the questionnaire, hence asking for clarification - obviously I'm incorrect. Better to ask and get it wrong than go ahead and make a mistake though right? I'll post up a copy with the personal information redacted for review shortly.
  5. Hi CAG, So two updates for you: 1. I have today received a Letter of Claim from BW Legal on behalf of PPS with the relevant information along with a questionnaire & an income expenditure form. 2. POPLA failed to reply to my e-mail requesting information thus I have heard nothing from them and received none of the information regarding the case. I assume I just go about filling in the questionnaire on the LBC stating I owe no debt and return it? CR
  6. Hi both, Thanks for the replies. HB - Nope it's definitely not an LBC / LBA. ericsbrother - Thanks I will get in contact with them now. CR
  7. Hey guys, Some further correspondence from BW Legal attached. It's worth noting I never received a letter from POPLA or PPS regarding the appeal result as the correspondence from BW suggests. The first correspondence I received regarding the matter post POPLA appeal was the letter received a couple of weeks (attached earlier in this thread). I assume I can just sit on this as technically, nothing has changed? Thanks, CR BW Legal 2.pdf
  8. Hi, Please see attachd I've only included the actual relevant content of the letter. Nothing in the letter regarding any employment or letter of claim details, just the letter attached and one from PPS stating that my account has been forwarded to BW Legal. CR PPS & BW Legal Letter.pdf
  9. Morning all, I've received a further letter from PPS & BW Legal today, requesting payment be made by the 2nd of December plus an extra £60 on the grand total for their debt collection fees. From a quick Google it seems that BW are just another bunch of cowboys, lots of questionable reviews online about them. Typical scare mongering letter regarding a PAP and CC proceedings, stating I may be liable for court costs, solicitors costs (in a small claims court???) and liable to a CCJ etc. The main thing is, they have the correct address for me now which means no de
  10. Thanks for merging dx. To summise, the letter from PPS effectively says they will now start County Court Action as I haven't met their conditions regarding payment. I'll write a brief letter to update them of my new address to avoid the CCJ default as per the advice from FTM Dave. I'm fully prepared to go through the motions with this one. I'll update should I receive any more correspondence from them.
  11. It actually isn't entitled either. It just relates to requesting payment for the historic ticket. It just has the normal threatening rhetoric regarding county court action.
  12. Hi CAG, I originally posted here almost 5 years ago regarding a PPS PCN I received due to the wind blowing my ticket face down. It went to appeal and I heard nothing of it, at least until now 4 years later! Essentially a letter was forwarded to me from an old address requesting payment within 5 days of the dated letter (which has now passed) or they will initiate CC activity etc. I no longer own the vehicle and I've moved addresses twice during the time period that has passed. What is the best course of action here? Thanks
  13. Hi CAG, Apologies if this has ended up in the wrong forum, but it seemed the most appropriate. It's regarding a data protection breach opposed to disputing a PCN. I received a PCN from CP Plus regarding non payment of parking at Stratford International Station and ANPR "evidence" of my vehicle etc. I knew full well I paid my parking and had a receipt in PDF form as evidence, off I went to formulate my snotty letter with my evidence to refute their speculative invoice. I normally write to the company, however I figured I'd just appeal online as I knew they couldn't
  14. It is indeed a very strange reply. The idea of them "removing my details" from the PCN is an odd one. Logically you'd think a PCN with the details of the registered keeper being removed would result in the PCN ceasing to exist, as at that point theoretically there's no one to pay the invoice? No POPLA number in the reply might point towards them knocking it on the head aswell? Strange situation to say the least! Is it best practice to sit and see if this unfolds any further, or send them a letter asking them to clarify what they actually mean?
  15. I had a reply from our friends at Premier Park today and assuming I've read it correctly, I think you're going to like this one: "We write to acknowledge receipt of your recent letter regarding the issuing of PCN ........ Please be advised that your details have been removed from this PCN." Whilst slightly ambiguous, I assume what they mean is - we're sorry for being wildly incompetent, you win?
  16. Hey guys, Quick update for you: nothing back from Premier Park, however I did receive a reply from the BPA basically saying they have no interest in this complaint. The letter reads "As a membership association we are only able to address enquiries in relation to alleged non-compliance with the BOA Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) Code of Practice". The letter goes on to list the fact that DVLA processes, fraudulent activity and DPA breaches are not within their remit. Just in case the above is of any relevance to you! Will update once I have something back from our friends
  17. Noted the above, will write the letter tomorrow and get it out to our friends at PP and BPA alongside a scan of the ticket/letter. Thanks
  18. Hello, Thanks for your reply - I've read the parking pranksters blog. Looks as if it got thrown out in court due to it being the responsibility of the company to prove the ticket machine/ANPR system were correctly working, which they failed to do. In this instance I really don't know how the system could be so shoddy, it literally has my complete registration listed on the ticket I have in my possession. Would appreciate some guidance in relation to the foff letter, I think I understand the majority of the contents required but wouldn't want to miss anything! Thanks.
  19. Hey guys, Just had a speculative invoice from our friends over at Premier Park stating I owe them £60 for overstaying alongside a nice pretty picture my vehicle. The catch? I still have the parking ticket which clearly shows my reg number correctly inputted alongside the amount of time I parked for. The ANPR states I arrived at 11:53, I paid for my ticket at 11:55 for 2 hours parking, ANPR shows me leaving at 13:41 with my ticket being valid until 13:55. Now, my question is: Do I bother appealing through their website with slam dunk evidence that they're full of
  20. Have noted the rules, its a question that doesn't relate to this scenario directly and is of a sensitive nature, it contains information that I would not be happy to have in the public domain, however I'll avoid asking it should you deem this inappropriate
  21. Okay all noted, they didn't supply the document in relation to the parking companies right to operate on the land. Their reply was also very vague, they failed to answer my point in relation to the signage wording query also. What is the likely course of action from here? Should I ignore the company will they likely try to take it through civil court? As much as I don't want to give these crooks a penny of my money I'm not sure the hassle of court attendance is worth it, ericsbrother I've sent you a pm also. Apparently you have too many stored messages so it wouldn't send, let me kn
  22. So unsurprisingly the decision didn't go in my favor. To summise: 1. Refused an unreasonable parking charge as £100 is deemed reasonable under BPA guidelines. 2. Signage is deemed appropriate by POPLA so that point is nil. 3. They are in receipt of evidence that the operator has a legal right to manage parking charges at that location. 4. Because my ticket was not correctly displayed I did not display valid information. As for now what is the best course of action? They state I have 28 days to pay the fee of £100. As always your input is much appreciated.
  23. I'll do some research and submit that as further evidence, though im not holding my breath! I think this will likely come down to having to let it go to court and hope its thrown out off the back of no real loss. I'll sort the additional evidence and let you know what garbage they come back with. Thanks for your continued support.
  24. Here's a picture of the main signage in the car park - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg27buv6temzykm/20150122_182116.jpg?dl=0 This was taken a couple of days after the incident. I'm assuming POPLA will throw out the majority of my GPEOL argument but does the fact the ticket was paid for and just not correctly displayed hold and weight? Lets say POPLA dismiss my appeal, what's the best course of action after that? Thanks for your reply.
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