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  1. Yes I did have to huff and puff, called Citizens Advice since they didn’t call me earlier today and they had the same advice basically. I’m going to have to weigh options considering it’s near Christmas and I’m a broke student so even if I could do something it may have had to be after Christmas.
  2. Honestly I’m not surprised either if Citizens Advice don’t give me a bell back by the weekend then I’ll have to give them a ring first thing on Monday
  3. Citizens Advice, I also did try the Universities team however they aren’t available on a Wednesday.
  4. Apologises, I have contacted them but unfortunately they told me that they’d have to contact me back due to them being very busy. will update again when they have contacted me back.
  5. Appreciate that advice, yes my University does offer an LLB degree in Law and it may be worth asking around. I’ll just need to carefully consider what you and Citizens Advice say and go from there. I’ll update this thread when I have all the information and when I’ve made a decision on what action to follow
  6. Many thanks, I’m going to have to weigh up my options with regards to risk and I appreciate all the advice given. I will post the reply from Citizens Advice when I receive one and go from there. I’m studying for my BSc (Hons) in Physics.
  7. Yes, sorry that’s down below in the second screenshot. Link to images of packaging and damage from buyer: https://imgur.com/a/d7GkXiH
  8. Sorry again having issues uploading images, they’re claiming under section 6.1 of their terms and conditions they aren’t liable. I’m going to have to upload the damage and outside packaging photos to Imgur as they’re not allowing me to share the photos of the damage. As for getting the computer back, I am in contact with the person that bought the computer and will hopefully be arranging return of the computer to myself as soon as possible
  9. The computer has not been returned to me , there is significant damage to the graphics card as well. Apologises, I’ve unfortunately been very busy and will try and keep this thread updated as often as possible. I did declare it’s a computer and paid their “parcel protection”. As for their terms and conditions I’ll post their full reply and terms when I’m at my desk in a few hours. Many thanks for the reply!
  10. I’ve spoken to Citizens Advice and they’ve passed me onto their consumer team regarding this. Hopefully they’ll have some advice based on if I can actually make a claim, as I’m not even sure if there’s anything I can do.
  11. Parcelforce were the courier, Parcel2Go were the broker. However I paid via parcel2go so it’s their claims policy that’s in effect I believe. Sorry should’ve made that clearer. Are you sure I can make a claim against them? They seem adamant that they’re in the right since their terms do say about computers only being covered for loss not damage.
  12. Hi there first time poster needing to know if anything can be done regarding this. I recently listed a PC of mine on eBay and sold it to a man with the promise of paying full 24-48 hour postage. I paid for postage via Parcel2Go and paid an extra £30 ish for their “Parcel protection cover”. The box itself was sturdy and inside was layered with paper and additional cardboard and paper on the bottom. The PC was triple bubble wrapped as well. Needless to say, a day after the buyer received it he messaged me telling me how it’s ruined. Showing me pictures
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