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  1. they are now threatening legal action for the Return of the Deposit and the full amount and storage costs, we have just filed the letter and await the Court claim
  2. Hi everyone Just to say we have today received a letter from the Enforcement Officers stating that they have received the full amount of the money without attending the offices of the Company and they will send the money to us within 14 Days, this is obviously good news for us, but we have also reported them to the FCA for illegally terminating a contract and harassment and demands of payments for the full amount, today we received a letter from the Loan Principle, indicating that they will start a investigation of the circumstances of how they cancelled the Finance agreement.
  3. Thank you BazzaS this is a most stressful period for us
  4. They have sent a bill minus their charges to us, we have a default Judgement minus the 10% they refunded for cancelling the contract base installation, they have stated our figures are wrong but again this is a Lie. THEY RECEIVED THE JUDGEMENT ON 17 February and that is the day they made 3 visits and said they want payment for the Shed within 7 days. The judgement is for £1669.04 on the Invoice they have sent they have put down different figures and want 5 per day for the storage and insurance if we dont pay within 7 days. We have instructed the Sheriffs office and
  5. Hi please can someone advise We have now been advised that the seller wants to Offset the money we have claimed in the Judgement against the Sumemrhouse, he has also stated he will charge a daily fee of £5.00 for storage and insurance, we have no contract with him as he terminated the Finance agreement, we have the Judgement which is to be enforced in next week now he wants to charge fees for storage and insurance until we accept delivery and make the payment which he wants within 7 days. He states that even though he terminated the Finance agree
  6. Thank you for your advice BazzaS I am now awaiting the matter to be enforced and have contacted bailiffs as he has no intention of returning our Deposit as is clear from his letters and emails
  7. after the Shed Company have sent the above email they sent another email and made a visit to our property with the same letter stating they will need to Invoice us or take legal action within 14 days, we are now feeling that we have been harassed since 2019 and that the Director has personally been involved in this harassment of us, by cancelling the finance, then constantly threatening legal action since 2019, when in fact he has no legal basis to do so, we would be obliged for advice, we have informed him that the actions to date amount to Harassment.
  8. We have now received the Judgement and sent it to the High court enforcement officers, it looks as though he got a copy of the judgement and sent the letter out above, we have also reported them to their Party for Harassment as they sent someone to our house demanding payment and a letter typed up as above. We now await the enforcement and we understand they will try and get it set aside, so we do not know how they will manage this as we have waited for the refund since November 2019 and all they have done is threaten more action for their failures, its unbelievable. Al
  9. Hi default judgement still not entered on line, ten days tomorrow since request, we sent proof of the address on 10 February 2020 but have not heard anything, then a email arrived stating: As we haven’t heard from you for some time I am contacting you with regards to the way forward with your order. We need to agree a delivery date by 1st March 2020 for delivery of your building which, as explained, cannot be cancelled as per our terms and conditions of sale - you remain liable for the whole of the balance. We will be invoicing you for the outstanding balanc
  10. OMG does this mean they cant be enforced against, despite being wrong to record this or can we sue from the site they do business from, or do we have to re send the claim with the Business address, its so confusing as they surely cant use a Registered Office and run a business in the UK without any comeback from the courts, when they have Sites where they trade but use a Accountant to list as the Registered address, we are so confused with law in this Country its just not clear or seems geared towards costly legal formalities when it should be there for the general Public, in time of need
  11. We have also sent LBC emails and the pre action letters to them via email, with the Registered address on top of the emails, they have never stated that this was not the correct address, for them. But the situation is they have been afforded every opportunity since November 01 2019 to refund the deposit in full, they instead want to keep hold of this, then charge us for any loss they make in the sale of the Summerhouse which they cancelled the Finance on, its so distressing as we saved up to have the Deposit and only bought the summerhouse for our 35 Wedding anniversary, now we have nothing a
  12. Hi no we have never been to their site it was all done via online and via emails, the address for the Company was obtained via Companies house, as we can only put one address on the claim they advised that is should be the Registered address, which is on the documents with Companies house as confirmed.
  13. Thanks so Much ericsbrother I have attached their accounts and this is their registered address I have not put in Ltd but the Court advised as the name is the same as who I am suing and the address is as recorded then they will issue the claim as served. They do have several addresses of business as I could only list one I had to put the one registered in Companies house, this is their Accountants address and it appears their accountants refused to accept the claim and returned it as not known at address ? I will keep you posted and thank you for your kind help app
  14. HI there I have just received this from the Court I have checked thier registered address online and this is on Companies house address so I am not sure why its been unserved? any advice appreciated Good morning, Please find attached your claim pack returned as ‘un-served’. The document is nevertheless deemed as served unless the address given on it is not the relevant address for the purposes of rule 6.18 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). The CPR can be found at http://www.justice.gov.uk/guidance/courts-and-tribunals/courts/procedure-rules/civil/menus/rules.ht
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