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  1. Yeah thats what we did. I also put my new US address on the letter I sent them. I've done everything I can do apart from call them, which according to these threads is a nightmare. Let's see what happens.
  2. I have told my family to return the letters stating 'NOT AT THIS ADDRESS'. I sent Drydensfairfax an SB with my change of address on (I now live in the US) 1 week ago via email and post and haven't heard a thing. I'm hoping that fixes the issue. I hate that they keep ignoring me and not accepting receipt of my mail. One thing I'm worried about is them issuing a CCJ against the address and causing my family issues.
  3. They have been sending letters to my family in the UK. I told my family to return the letters stating 'NOT AT THIS ADDRESS'. I sent them an SB with my change of address on (I now live in the US) 2 weeks ago and haven't heard a thing. I'm hoping that fixes mine too. I hate that they keep ignoring me and not accepting receipt of my mail.
  4. Any updates on this thread? Have DrydensFairFax given up?
  5. Yep. It it takes over a week for a letter to get to the uk.
  6. Guess what, I received a letter of claim today from Drysdenfairfax ‘This is a lower of claim sent to you in accordance with the pre-action protocol for debt claims. It is important that you read and understand the contents of this letter and understand it’s attachements’. ‘We have been instructed by, Erudio Student Loans Ltd, in relation to the above debt. If you do not provide proposals to repay this debt or respond as otherwise detailed in this letter, legal proceedings may be issued by a county court’ i sent them a letter last week but from the US so it
  7. ok thanks. Sorry my knowledge isn't great on these issues and I want to make sure I understand what is being said. Again thanks for your knowledge
  8. The letter is from Erudio and titled 'Notification of Account Transfer to a New Agency' They say direct all enquires to Drysdenfairfax and have given me a new code. Concerning the SB. The letter they sent me in 2018 wouldn't count as I didn't sign anything?
  9. That is true, I have no idea... hence why I'm on a forum. I didn't know they sold the loans to Erudio until 2018! That was the first I'd heard about my loan since 2013. So why would Shoosmiths move my case on after only a year without dealing with it? So, may I ask. If I send a SB to Dryden and they say 'actually you signed something on 19/03/2013 and we contacted you via Shoosmiths on 19/10/2018 meaning the SB won't cut it... '
  10. Firstly, Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yeah, I signed the referral form in 2013, but whether they received that I don't know. Also, yes, It sounds like I'm trying to run. I'm not, I don't mind giving them my information but I'm annoyed that the SLC and Erudio never let you know they have received my mail plus they don't send yearly statements or inform when the debt has been moved to a new company. I haven't received anything since 19/03/2013. If they did receive this form why haven't they been sending me statements of referral letters to my
  11. Thanks, but if they did receive my deferral on 14/05/2013 and I received a letter on 19/10/2018, that is only 5years and 5months. hence my questions.... I'm guessing they didn’t receive my referral in 2013 otherwise they would have updated my address abroad. If that’s the case, yes it would be 6 years and I can send an SB. My fear is if I send a letter from my address abroad they will know where I am.
  12. Ok, so, is it best to send them a letter from my current address (not in the UK) rather than ignore it.
  13. Sorry, what is SB? Also If I ignore the letter I sent what will/could happen?
  14. HI, I had 4 student loans - 1997/98/99/2001 - whilst at university in the UK. Date of original agreement 1997. I'm now 41 years old. The last deferral I sent to SLC was 14/05/2012 I sent a letter and a deferral form on 14/05/2013 saying that I was moving country and to update my details - I guess they didn't receive this?!?! My family in the UK then received: On 19/10/2018 I received a letter from Shoosmiths saying my SLC had been sold to them in 2013 and offered me a payment deal or a CCJ would be issued. On 15/
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