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  1. Thanks Dodgeball all charges applied in one go demanding payment in full on the same visit I have sent a letter off to them as instructed. How many people they are doing this to scaremongery they should be prosecuted for this.
  2. Thanks I will do that tomorrow many thanks to you all Totally disgusting what they are doing first ever visit within two days of court letter they are legal rouges and need to be stopped. I will fight this with the help of you good people. Thanks
  3. I have been paying the court direct no involvement with baliffs at all until now the arrangement was made with the court when first fined I have not spoken at all to baliffs so you are saying just pay them £75 within 7 days am I correct You are so helpful made me feel a bit better now
  4. I will find out what the balance owed to the court I only sent a payment of £15 last week which they forwarded to Marston the letter from court was done on the 28th Nov and Marston turned up 30th Nov. Be in touch shortly and thanks for replying so quickly. regards,
  5. I was recommended by a friend to use your site as it was highly recommended so I hope you can help me. I was paying a court fine every 2 weeks at 15.00 I have missed a few payments do the court sent the debt to Marstons who visited me yesterday leaving a letter for removal of goods and asking for £380 payment which obviously included their cost. I did not open the door but fear now they will come back. I am on universal credit and have nothing of importance for them to take just my dog and my books, what do I do please help. Regards Esa
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