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  1. can they gain access forcefully and can they increase the amount. Is it possible to set up a payment plan with them as I am on ESA
  2. I will I will have to prints it off and remove my name and address has got my correct address I will do this tomorrow have no printer at home. Thanks for your time in responding
  3. Just received an e-mail from Marston customer services stating that the notice was sent on the 7th October 2019 - which I have no recollection of receiving, date to pay amount of £145 deadline stated on notice is the 20th October 2019. They sent a copy by e-mail. What do I do now please.
  4. Thanks DX you really have helped people my mum has also used this site and told others of the support she got amazing people. I don't mind paying what I owe but considering the original debt was £360 I did not do bad only having owed £70 - £15 they refused to accept the payment and sent it to the robbers to make more money have they got shares?? Also just for information for others I owed £60 for another fine because of a neighbour row the courts took the payment out of my UC benefit and the debt was settled so what makes this one different strange they
  5. Received a notice from Collectica (Removal Division) dated 14/1/20 received 17/1/20 now asking for the payment in full????
  6. This the breakdown Marston sent me:- The breakdown of the outstanding balance is: Penalty Charge / Fine £ 70.00 Compliance fee £ 75.00 Attendance to remove fee £ 235.00 Total still outstanding £ 365.00 I can also confirm that the enforcement fee was applied on 30 October 2019, by enforcement agent Mr Chaffey. The reason for this fee was that you failed to make payment or telephone us to discuss your circumstances, in response to our Notice of Enforcement letter dated 7 October 2019. Your property was again visited by another enfo
  7. This is what the court replied;- "Our records indicate that you fell into arrears in July when you were sent a Further Steps Notice. The matter was passed to Marstons in October as the account was still in arrears. If you have concerns with the way that Marstons have conducted themselves you should raise a complaint with them. They will be able to give you a breakdown of their fees" If the court sent the account to Marston in October they did not give me no notice to agree a payment because they turned up in October 28th demanding full payment. I am prepare
  8. I have no knowledge of receiving any letter from the court or Marston otherwise I would have taken steps to avoid all this worry. Thanks for helping me Regards
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