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  1. Email sent and I’ve spoken to the council tax and made a payment as they’ve said if I show a commitment to pay it looks better
  2. Explain everything? Even the fraud?
  3. I have today received a final notice for council tax. I updated my single occupancy to joint as I had not put my oh on the council tax. I now have a payment of £1554 and they are requesting £367 a month which I cannot afford as I’m on maternity. they’ve said that if not they will be Pershing it at court. please no judgemennt just advice
  4. Thank you. I’ll start a thread for advice and I’ve submitted the change online so I’m one step further. Backdated TIL jan this year I feel worse already but better at the same time I darent even tell me oh
  5. Can I ask why u thought it wouldn’t? Was it a single claim situation? thanks again for all your advice. I’ve chickened. Ringing today as the kids are in such a good mood for trick or treating and I’ve spent half of the day reading stories and this forum. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and to top it off had a final notice from the council tax
  6. Ok thank you. Mine will be january this year. Thank you for your help I’m feeding my daughter and ringing them. I’ll come back on and update
  7. Thank you I’ll look online now and do it then ring them and explain. I know I’ll feel better after but will be worrying that something else is coming. How long did yours get backdated?
  8. I’ve never been entitled or claimed any other benefits which I’m so glad of now. I hate myself for causing so my worry and getting myself in this mess. In some sense it would have been less painful and tormenting to not have taken him back. ive found a lot of court ones but never for just tax credits also. yes I can manage them online. thanks joanne
  9. Thank you. I’ve not received a letter or anything but I know my single claim needs to stop and I can’t bury my head in the sand any longer. I think the thought of court of prison just scares me. I’ve been up most of The night reading through stories . I I’ve had overpayments before but never received a penalty or anything thanks joanne
  10. Was it a single claim issue? I won’t be receiving tax credits when I ring as our income will be too high
  11. London do u have a thread, if not what’s your experience?
  12. Thank I will update once I’ve spoken to them
  13. I will get my credit file and go through it all and try get myself sorted. Hopefully then I’ll be able to sleep properly and enjoy life
  14. Still scared but yes. The tax credits seem more lenient than dwp none of the threads even resulted in an iuc which I find strange ive made myself so paranoid about it all.I’m going to ring and come clean.
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