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  1. So the default notice is 2 pages but the whole thing, I don’t really know 100 pages maybe. Starts with small breakdown of what they did each day and time then goes on to a copy of all the letters they have sent out
  2. Hi. I have received the SAR today. Looks like they did send a default notice, looking at it neither me or my husband remember ever seeing the letter. However, I know we cannot prove this like they can and have.... I guess there is nothing more I can do? Thanks for all your help
  3. Hello dx. I’m still waiting for my sar from moneybarn, This morning I had an email saying something had changed on my credit file. This was moneybarn adding default to my account. I’m taking this as they hadn’t done it in September like they had said. Therefore can I ask what my next steps should be about sorting this out? Thanks
  4. Yes I have but I wasn’t 100% sure. So this would tell me if I have had a default notice? I have found the template and will be writing it this weekend to send it monday
  5. Yes it is the communal car park for the residents of the 2 blocks of flats. No it was Burlington? Yes I was in, they called the week before and arranged a time to come round , as I thought due to myself sending a VT this was them collecting it. Im pretty sure there is no default notice as my credit file doesn’t show it. I also received a letter stating I would be charged £25 for a polish of the car and that they expect it to go for £500-£1000 at auction. This is a car I got for nearly £6000 June 2018 . It’s r
  6. What is a sar, is it a subject access request? No it was on a residential car park therefore I’m guessing private?
  7. Hi dx. I have signed up for creditkarma (it was free but shows everything). On my moneybarn account it says late payment. I’m glad I actually signed up as I have seen a debt I totally forgot about that says default. Therefore am I right in thinking that I do not have a default notice from money barn, as it just states late payment. October’s status isn’t on there yet but according to moneybarn the agreement ended the 4th October therefore I would have had a default notice sent in September which I can see and just states late payment.
  8. Ok, I’ll check there. If I have one I guess there’s not much I can do but if I don’t have one they can’t do what they are doing?
  9. I didn’t receive the email til 4 o’clock this evening after the car was taken this morning, up until that point I thought I had voluntarily terminated and there were arranging to take the car back because of this. Totally agreement was around 11k we started the agreement June 2018, I worked out I had paid £2690 so I am under the third, it was for 4 years. I am unable to find a DN, but like I said they could have sent it and I have misplaced it. Do they have any record of it their end and how can I prove I didn’t receive one if in fact I didn’t.
  10. As the title suggests I had a agreement for a car with Moneybarn, over this past year our finances have dramatically changed and we missed several payments. I tried sorting this out with moneybarn however they weren't really much help! 4/10/19 I received a 'termination notice' I rang them up and offered to pay IN FULL our arrears but this was declined, they gave me 3 options 1) voluntary surrender 2) pay a lump sum and the car would be ours 3) Court agreement keep the car and restart payments (cant remember the official term),
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