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  1. My thought today is that my boss is very un-accommodating. I merely asked if I could take the next six weeks off so that I can find some remote island (hopefully somewhere warm) that had an ample supply of red wine and bacon sandwiches and no electronic devices, radios, tv's or any form of media so that I can escape the farce of the General Election and Brexit, when I return it would all be over! Not only did she say no, she said that it would take more than six weeks to be over !
  2. Deprivation of capital is very hard to prove, there has to be evidence that someone has purposefully deprived themselves of capital in order to claim/claim more means tested benefit. An example could be that someone has come into money, perhaps from a gift in a will, if they then spend it on something that is not required for day to day living such as say a piano, and then makes a claim to an income based benefit such as JSA (IB), Income Support or Universal Credit and only declares an amount of the remains under the threshold then this would be considered as depriving themselves
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