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  1. Thanks I thought that as they do lie and bully, yes he paid cash for his half of the house in the 90s and pays a small monthly rent as a tennent on the housing association half. Thanks for that it will put his mind at rest, as it kills me when I have to read out there crap letters to him.
  2. What happens when a charge an interim is put on a shared ownership property, no mortgage, shared with housing association, that person is now disabled on ESA and pip the house is adapted for the disabled person. This person is terrified he is going to be kicked out its for £2600 he asks can they force a sale and can they force him to pay out of benefits, a s they already have the interim charge, as I've checked for him. I know they would have to have a hearing, would that go through without his knowledge, or has the court to write to him and have a hearing first, and can they force him to pay, he's blind as well as disabled citizens advice were not very helpful, and he hasn't spare cash for legal solicitors as they charge the earth. Am I right for such a small amount they would have to await his death as he is in his late 60s. Or are these debt collectors just being bullies knowing they can't force a sale , and just using fear to get monies now.
  3. I think I received no documents to proof of docs as from 10 yrs ago they never had an original cca, and do not have any docs now other than applying to a court. But what gets me is what's excuse for the delay, why 10 yrs and I have it in writing from the be it message on my phone account on hold all this time, so what excuse can they give a judge?
  4. It's an old argos loan for £3000 from 2003 heard nothing in all this time, checked with courts 15th April 2009 that's 10 yrs ago, they sent message on my phone account was on hold? For what, do they have a valid claim as no docs proof sent from them what do I do now?
  5. I have been contacted by debt collector for a ccj from 2008, I asked for sars request information, asked for large print as I am partly blind and disabled, they send me a message on my phone, query how they got my number, message states account was on hold please now pay just over £2900, why was it on hold and why has my document req only 2 discs not, as I asked for written large print proof of ccj what court and date. Its 10 yrs old, do they have to apply to court to enforce ccj as i am disabled and on disability. Do they have a leg to stand on, I suspect they have no docs proof, and what's with the 10, I've lived here 24 yrs.
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