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  1. Thank you for your reply. I'll leave everything now and will update you with whatever happens next.
  2. DX - just had a thought - is it worth emailing the college about the policy they are quoting in their letter? Or would you advice to leave it? If they do not send something, then that is in my favour (should it come to it) and if they do send something - I feel I'll be OK to distinguish it from myself. Also - having read the letter from hadfield carefully, their client is indeed STA, who cant do anything anyway.
  3. Thank you for your prompt reply! I'm not overly stressed about it, as you say and I know I have a strong case. When you put it like you have with regards to the college having to come out and other people - it seems more of a headache for the college to do that! I shall be back with the next round of updates should it come DX! You've been great.
  4. Thanks - will do! Just need some reassurance I guess. I have a list of some pointers I've made generally, so getting a skeleton argument up if needed wouldn't be much of a problem to come by. I'm just trying to think what points they are trying to make - doesn't seem to be anything that comes to mind? Unless someone here can come up and offer one - maybe I'm overthinking it though!
  5. Yeah - that's exactly what I stated on the letter - I have paid the money owed from the time I was on the course. This was sent to college upon first receiving it and I denied that there was any debt or money owed - since then I have not responded to anything. It was 2 year, as it was part time course. Not been there any previous years, was just from that time, in fact, I started slightly later than September - was around October I started. The way I have likened it is like a service for anything really - for example, contract for the internet, should the provider stop providing you internet for whatever reason, you stop your payments - as long as the period you was provided the service was paid for, that is fine. After the service was stopped - you don't owe anything as you are not receiving anything in return.
  6. It was about in April 2019 when this happened. I was paying it out of my own pocket as well - so its not like I actually had a loan or anything, so don't see how they think they can ask for any money. Do you reckon they would be taking it further?
  7. No problem DX will get it for you tonight. Thanks. So SOP - ignore and do nothing. You're confident they won't send a letter for claim? Full letter uploaded - please let me know if this is OK! hadfieldsletter.pdf
  8. Hi, Do you want me to leave the name of their client instead of hiding it? I will get a better picture of it with the bottom of the letter as well. Mind you - its written in the letter of client name - please remove if not allowed. Thanks.
  9. HI - got a letter from Hadfields today. Please see attached. Still standard operating procedures? also - does the amount they are alleging actually matter? hadfieldsta.pdf
  10. Yeah, I'm keeping some of the voice messages - I mean, in the unlikely event it went to court, I would love to stick it to them for harassment.
  11. Apologies this took longer - but uploaded both letters. So far I am just getting voice messages and today they have started with the texts! debtletters.pdf
  12. No worries - I'll get both letters up sometime during the week!
  13. Update - This week I got a "final notice: a chance to pay your debt by instalments" - now I know the advice from dx100uk may be "do nothing, ignore it, they cant do anything anyway" - however, for continuity of the thread as well - I would just like to post this as an update. Thanks ElDiego
  14. Received a voice message recently asking to give them a call.... ha - nice to see them wasting their time, but this harassment business is kinda annoying - how can an organisation like a college really get away with effectively selling information to a third party like this? disgusting.
  15. Thank you DX! Appreciate all the work you do on this forum and your help!
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