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  1. no, it was paypal. which was how it was paid to them inthe first palce. I am sorry to advise as per the response we have received from the Hub, despite a thorough search your items have not been located. I note a claim form has been issued to you for parcel 8730184249588885, which once completed the Claims Department will assess and pay the claim for you.
  2. I did not have a choice they pay it automatically. I have called them twice to confirm that this insurance payout does not affect my small court claim and they said no. if they are lying then i have them on record. have you had much experience in this ?.
  3. no, I have spoken to them directly about this and they said that the 20 is the insurance and not compensation. another twist to the story, one of the parcel has arrived to the customer a month later but i have refunded the money already. I have contacted her directly hoping she would be straight and pay for the good but no response so far. so might have to take her to court as well. i am actually look forward to going to court to clear my head
  4. after i wrote to the ceo, they did a search and could not find. they automatically give £20 compensation as the standard insurance. they offer good will compensation which i rejected.
  5. packlink is the ebay delivery service that enable you to choose different couriers. a middleman if you like. you can choose dpp, myhermes or the post office. so i buy the delivery with packlink and they pass the work with myhermes. my original claim had one delivery directly bought with myhermes and one with packlink delivered through myhermes. they will pass the buck of course and blame each other.
  6. i have another 2 missing potential parcels that have sent through packlink with myhermes. for any future claims, do i chase packlink or myhermes ? thank you again.
  7. Askew-Renault CEO Email benaskew@packlink.com Telephone +34 91 431 3063 Website https://www.packlink.com Postal Address Accounting Help, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, England, WC1H 9BB Company Number 09026541 Company Status Active (Established 06/05/2014) i have found the address for packlink. maybe it is just a registered address. it is worth doing a small claim on this address ?.
  8. haa haa. ok, you dont have two families, shopping, doctor, dentist, and 8 to 5 job. travelling. and etc. but fair enough !.
  9. thanks. that is really powerful advice. dont you guys ever sleep ??>?>?
  10. I am sure the claim can be flowery or elaborate but the fundamentals are clear enough. ok, the judge might throw out the packlink one but the reason i have the two together is to highlight how I have lost two parcels with myhermes within a week of each other. they will claim that i should have insured for the full value of the jacket and they cant gurantee every parcel but to lose two parcels is careless. i suspect foul play
  11. hi , i am uploaded the actual claim form. andy, much thanks for the glossary . will change a bit of the actual claim form but not sure what more to add. 100MC798-claim-form-claimant-copy (2) (2).pdf
  12. I am not sure what is a good qualiy claim and a poor one. they have been careless and lost the parcels. I am not unclear how i can present the case any better. surely, the facts speak for itself ?. in terms of upload the whole form, i cant redact the personal bits because i dont have the sofware to delete the personal bits. and anyway, the first page just contains the address so cant see why this is of such important to understanding the case.
  13. hi, the first part of the claim is my address ? not sure why that is useful. Have they filed a defence yet? What date did you issue this claim? If you had posted the whole claim then I wouldn't need to ask you this. no, nothing back from them. filed it on the 21 October 2019. the first part of the claim just have my address.
  14. i have declared value as per ebay value £289.73 ebay item £180 ebay item claikm.pdf
  15. hi, first of all, I am grateful for this forum as it gave me the material or the backing to start the small claim court process Timeline of what happened: First item Myhermes directly - An ebay return Canada goose parka £288 25/09/2019 first item - Dropped off at the ParcelShop 27/09/2019 Out with the recipient's local courier for delivery but never arrived Second item- Packlink using Myhermes - An ebay sold item North face Parka £180 28/09/2019 second item sent - Dropped off at the ParcelShop 28/09/2019 Entered the Hermes network Liverpool- Lost never arrived both lost within a week so within a week i have lost £500 went through normal customer complaints and handed the standard £20 compensation. wrote to Martijn De Lange <Martijn.DeLange@hermes-europe.co.uk> directly and after a few days had someone calling me back saying they will start another investigation. but they have found nothing and wrote "I am sorry to advise as per the response we have received from the Hub, despite a thorough search your items have not been located. I note a claim form has been issued to you for parcel which once completed the Claims Department will assess and pay the claim for you. Parcel was booked for delivery by Packlink, therefore Packlink will be responsible for issuing a refund to you for the item we cannot locate. I am sorry this is not the outcome you were hoping for and for any inconvenience this issue has caused to you and your customers. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Kind regards" Interestingly, they lost the two parcels at the same depot. they did offered an additional £20 goodwill but i said no. so I have filed a small claim court to Myhermes for the two parcels. as i have said before, legally, Myhermes will argue that they only have a contract with me for the first parcel. but in terms of lack of care, they lost two parcels in the same week with the same depot !. with packllink, i have no chance because they are not registered in the Uk. I did not pay for for the extra compensation for the first jacket. Your claim against myhermes was issued on 21 October 2019. The defendant needs to respond to your claim before 4pm on 11 November 2019.
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