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  1. Hi all, I graduated from VU Amsterdam & left Netherlands in June 2014. I've recently had an email from DUO advising I owe eur2800 for not cancelling my student travel card & eur600 as they gave me a student grant which I hindsight they say I wasn't eligible for due to my nationality (British). This is for March & April 2014 (grant), and aug 2014-2015 for the student travel card, so well over 5 years ago. They sent me letters in Dutch to my Netherlands address in march 2015 so I of course didn't receive or know about it, as I'd moved back to the UK June 2014. They won't explain why I'm no longer eligible for those two months & generally aren't being helpful. I very genuinely didn't realise about the travel card, and now I really don't know what to do. Would statute of limitations apply here due to the time length or should I just ignore? I'd really appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!
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